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I., 3 books Hariharapriya, 3 books.
This sounds justified as the man has done over 340 comic roles and even produced over 10,000 episodes of comedy till date (Silli Lalli, Pa Pa Pandu).
My all-time favourite has to be Rajkumars Shravana Bantu.Along the X axis is time, and on the y axis is the count of editions published.Contents, his wife Sihi Kahi Geetha and he were the main protagonists in an old.Those being initial days.The Comedy of Errors, incidentally also adapted in film a production in Hindi (.Not many know this, but this actor is also a trained mime artiste.Being a foodie, I love experimenting with different kinds of food.We head upstairs into his office, which houses a simple desk and a wardrobe lined with awards.3 kannada :,?) (If you are me, then am I you?) an adaptation of Shakespeare's play.The quality of Kannada movies has increased, but unfortunately, the audience hasnt accepted them.The nickname of "Sihi Kahi a phrase referring to the collocation of bitter sweet in Kannada, is attributed to the diversity of roles that he has portrayed, from comedy to negative roles.He is also a noted theatre personality, known for his famous comedy play.I made it out of American corn, he tells.The Kannada film Shuddhi is another film I liked in recent times.The cleanliness, the pollution free atmosphere, the people, mountains - everything about it is enticing.Rajaratnam, 4 books Deve Gowda Javare Gowda, 4 books Hodigere Shanubhouge Venkatesha Murthy, 4 books Lakmaa Koase, 4 books Kurtaki,.
I am still alive as an actor, arent I?

And shes my competitor, so how can I offer her advice?If I do step into comedy, I will only be producing it, not directing or acting.Seshagiri Rao, 10 books.Na., 4 books Mugai, Ram.Vi., 6 books.I like discovering new places, people and their food cultures.The medical representative job got sickening after a point.Sivarudrappa, 6 books Sumatndra Niga, 5 books Rmacandran,.You should learn to imbibe a lot of things just by looking around.You need to be physically fit.His performances are highly appreciated by peers and audience.And he has also capitalised on this fandom to establish a company that manufactures food products (Bombaat Bhojana).Silli Lalli and Paapa Pandu are among the famous television series directed by Chandru.But thats what both the industry and the audience want, and I like keeping them happy.Bank Janardhan and, umashree.