Equipment is fully checked and tested after repair to ensure original factory performance. .
Bose wave radio buzzing.
Bose wave radio dead, no display.
The problem is its not optimal to have 2 antennas on 1 radio.Tests have shown a sizable increase in radio sensitivity!Between the speakers, all units have traditional buttons that control audio functions.Use the following to identify which series you have.What are the design options for home audio stereo systems?If you live in a metro area close to the radio stations then the power cord antenna may work fine.Residential, Built-In, remotes, accessories For Sale, bose.This technology plays music on other compatible devices that are within a practical signal range.Dead batteries will be removed and recycled.Wave radios also have an external FM antenna jack.There are 6 series of Wave radios that don't have CD's.
This modification does not effect AM reception or any other functions of the radio. .
We can disable the dimming function so the display is at full intensity all the time.

Model # AWR1G1 (See photo below) Manufactured 2003 to 2005 Series 6 has NO control buttons on the radio.Equipment Repair Form, wave Radio with CD, lifestyle CD-5 single disc.Other common features are described here: Bluetooth hardware: Bluetooth hardware transmits a wireless signal to a home audio stereo system.Flat Rate overhaul / refurbishing for the models listed above is 149.95 parts and labor plus return shipping and handling.Multiple brands make home audio shelf systems with line-in jacks for different wires.(See photo below) Manufactured 1993 to 1994 Series 2 has AA backup batteries and NO external AM antenna input.In our experience there are no big improvements between the different series radios.A easy ways to crack hickory nuts headphone jack: A headphone jack sends an audio signal to a pair of headphones.Sometimes this automatic dimming can be unpredictable as to when it will dim.This is a convenient method to receive FM signals but has its drawbacks.While an iPod is docked, music on the hard drive plays through the stereo system.