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5E has worked very hard to eliminate one of the biggest problems with earlier editions, the challenge rating treadmill.
To be sure, they do get tougher.
Bulette, bulettes (or "land sharks use their powerful claws to tunnel through the earth when they hunt.An aboleth befouls all water within a mile of where it lives.Dragons, liches, sphinxes, vampires and the like have legendary actions they can take out of turn, and they have additional lair actions they can take if you challenge them on their home turf.Learn More About the Lich Orc Orcs gather in tribes that exert their dominance and satisfy their bloodlust by plundering villages, devouring or driving off roaming herds, and slaying any humanoids that stand against them.That means you can understand the basics of a monster at a glance.Everything is broken into bolded headers, like bullet points about that monster.
This Monster Manual is definitely my favorite 5E book so far.

There's always a new threat.Learn More About Kobolds Kuo-Toa Kuo-toa are sadistic, degenerate fish-like humanoids that once inhabited the shores and islands of the surface world.Learn More About Drow.This is as shringar 2.0 crack highspeed updated much a matter of gaming philosophy as game mechanics, but the de-emphasis of challenge rating certainly nudges things in that direction.Contents, contents edit, as with other, monster Manual supplements, MM5 contains a variety of new creatures as well as expanded variants on staple.It follows two of the primary mandates that have ruled 5th Edition so far: to unite the best of all previous editions, and to put story and adventure ahead of stats and rules.Truly special monsters get some extra care.A hill giant is a CR 5, and it has an AC of 13 with 105 hit points.Hill Giant, hill giants are selfish, dimwitted brutes that hunt, forage, and raid in constant search of food.
Learn More About Kuo-Toa Lich A lich is spawned when a great wizard embraces the evil state of undeath as a means of extending life beyond its mortal limits.
Some of these are fairly mundane, like a lizardfolk's ability to hold its breath, or the fact that the kraken is amphibious.

Every monsters has text devoted to describing its ecology, motivations, and other cool things about it in a pure story sense at least as much space is devoted to this as to stat blocks.
Legendary creatures get tied directly into world-building too, since each one has regional effects.
Learn More About Slaad Umber Hulk An abominable horror from deep beneath the earth, an umber hulk burrows into cave complexes, dungeons, or Underdark settlements in search of foodespecially the humanoid prey it craves.