What games can we play with Core Graphics?
Need for Speed 18, however the HD 5500s performance is unsatisfactory in the latest Need for Speed 18, under the default picture quality it has only about 15 frames, the lag in game is very serious, basically in a state not playable, the final average.
Next well start the game tests.Summary: After a series of game tests we can basically determine the Core Graphics of the Intel HD 5500 hitachi home bakery hb-b102 manual is very good in performance, and the graphics processor of the fifth generation is obviously improved in performance.Stall Full HD Video Player for w you can play Full HD Video Player.Call of Duty 8, our original plan was to test the Call of Duty 10, but we gave up the idea on seeing the score of the Need for Speed 18, in Need for Speed series games rely on GPU much less than on CPU.Read More: Gaming Laptops under 500.Due to different demands of the games for hardware performance, the level of picture quality will be adjusted according to the actual situation during the testing process, the different testing results under different picture quality will be described below.While the game runs very smoothly when Need for Speed 14 is operated under the default picture quality, compared to the highest picture quality the fluency increases by 10 frames and remains around 30-35, the final average frames are 32, although only three more than.
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But if youre hesitant to buy a thin and light laptop because of the game performance of the Core Graphics, now you can get ready to buy the product equipped with the fifth-generation Intel Core processor, and you can play the games as well with.The application is based on the open source Apollo project and can be themed with any Apollo compatible themes that the user chooses.Under the highest picture quality of Call of Duty 8, the picture frames remain around 30, the final average frames are 36, which is insignificant compared with under the default picture quality, excellent in performance.The application is also designed in a way that it does not take away too much from the resources of the device.Wnload and Install XePlayer Android ick "Download XePlayer" to download.Intel HD 5500 Gaming Benchmarks: In our previous tests, the integrated HD 5500 achieved a score of 6849 in 3DMark Cloud Gate Standard, which is between that of the nvidia 820M and the 830M, and its very impressive in performance.We can easily play most of the online games and small part of the console games which has no high requirements for hardware performance on the market by using the machines equipped with the fifth generation of core cpu in the absence of discrete graphics.As far as the performance of the HD5500 at higher resolutions, we hope to give you the answers after we get the high score screen machines.3.Open Google Play Store and search Full HD Video Player and download, or import the apk file from your PC Into XePlayer to install.In the test of highest picture quality for Need for Speed 14, the game frames remain around 25-30, which is not the top level, but already very good for a Core Graphics, and which has no much difference from that of the general entry-level discrete.So we try to find the finale of Modern Warfare series, Call of Duty 8, to test, and the HD5500s performance can be described as stunning, under default picture quality its picture frames remain about 40 frames, the final result is 37, which is quite.The testing machine comes from Dell Inspiron 15 7000 (2015 which uses latest i7-5500U processor, 8GB Ram, 1 TB Mechanical hard drive, of screen resolution and whose graphics card is the combination of Intel HD 5500 Core Graphics and AMD R7 M270, during the test.Need for Speed.The basic frequency hikmat books in urdu pdf and the Turbo frequency of the i7-5500U are.4GHz, and.0GHz respectively, and the basic frequency and the maximum frequency of the integrated HD 5500 are 300MHz and 950MHz respectively.According to the test result of the 3DMark, if the discrete graphics of your laptops are 820M, GT720M or even lower-grade entry-level ones, then your laptops graphics performance may not be as good as that of the integrated graphics of the fifth-generation Core processor.There are also many advanced features such as favourites and playlists.
The Intel HD 5500 is an entry-level Core Graphics updated by Intel this time.
After lowering the picture quality it is still poor in performance, even worse than under the default picture quality in data, but the final average frames are 16 fps, 2 fps higher than under the default quality, still not playable.

League of Legends, the first game involved in is an online game currently very popular, League of Legends, which itself is less demanding on hardware performance, so we directly turned on the highest image quality to test (enable vsync, anti-aliasing, characters stroke the whole course.
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N XePlayer Android Emulator and login Google Play Store.