swi prolog reference manual pdf

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Help :-open_resource(help, text, user_output close(In).
SWI-Prolog.6 Reference Manual.35 File System Interaction.
Succeeds if the command couldbe executed and fails with an error message otherwise.This implementation is onlyexpected to work for Item ground and either Set1 or Set2 ground.Type is the same type as used for the 2nd argument ofshell register file type/4, Action is the action to perform, Service and Topicspecify the DDE topic to address, and Command is the command to execute on this nally, IfNotRunning defines the command to execute.Unlike -f file, using iantares osx 10.6.3 v2.2 full version.iso -s d oes not stop Prolog from loaded the personal initialisation file.Demand loading of predicates from the library and a makefacility avoids the requirement for using declarations and reduces typing.Note that this logic is notset in stone.Contrary, if code was written for dialect X, the defined semantics are thoseof dialect.Goal can be a complex term.For internal bookkeeping as well as future extensions.)Import predicates PredicateIndicator into the current context module.Stamp date time(TimeStamp, -DateTime, TimeZone)Convert a TimeStamp to a DateTime in the given timezone.Such predicates use either a compound term or a predicate indica-tor to describe the predicate they address,.g., assert(name(jan) or abolish(name/1).With modules, this simple schema no longer works as each module defines its own mappingfrom namearity to predicate.Int PL get bool(term t t, int *val)If t has the value true or false, set val to the C constant true or false and return success, otherwise return failure.The internal data representation as well as the arithmetic instruction set and interface to the arithmetic functions has been changed for this.In user view, certainoperations are not permitted and some details are kept invisible.Blocking systemcalls or foreign loops may cause long delays.
Thereare two special cases.

SWI-Prolog.6 Reference Manual.19.See the description of meta predicate/1for details.Use call residue vars/2 and copy term/3 to inspect residual goals and the constraintsin which a variable is involved.Nth0(?N,?List,?Elem,?Rest) detSelect/insert element at index.176.34.1 Windows-specific Operating System Interaction.Constructor name(Record, Value)Unify Value with argument in Record named name.2 constructor data(?Name, Record,?Value)True when Value is the value for the field named Name in Record.IfPL blob unique is also specified, uniqueness is determined by comparing the pointer service repair manual volvo s60 ratherthan the data pointed.Sandbox:safe meta(Goal, -Called) semidet, multifileDeclare the aggregate meta-calls safe.Expand(true/false)If true (default is false) and Spec is atomic, call expand file name/2 followedby member/2 on Spec before proceeding.Off is an integer representing the offset relative toUTC in seconds, where positive values are west of Greenwich.
Thefollowing code implements our help command such that help.