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Acc tsca awareness manual

McKay,., and.
Contains non-confidential data for the awareness confidential chemical substance listings, as identified by EPA accession number and generic chemical name.This awareness will open the project files dialog box which allows the user to specify many data files in a number of ways.filetype: Specifies the type of ACE manual XML file to be tsca extracted from manual a previously existing zip file.Currently the panes Preferences, Classifications Settings, and Experimenter are empty.As indicated above, the SN and FL fields can have multiple values of data.The polyester is made only from monomers and reactants included in a specified list that comprises one of the eligibility criteria for the 1995 polymer exemption rule.The user must specify the type of Weka Classifier to be trained with the -learner flag and the name of the file to which to save the trained Classifier should be saved with the -sres flag.A complete list of all command line tsca flags appears at the end of this document.An asterisk will also appear next to instances that were incorrectly classified. Loading options: -proj: Automatically load the program ACE project file specified by the single option.
The -zipfile flag is required.
If there are no data, the field ID (with colon) is immediately followed classic by a amazing tab unless it is the last field of the record, in avensis which case the field ID (with colon) is immediately followed panda by a carriage return and newline.
rand_ord: The presence of this flag causes training instances to toyota be randomly reordered.
Cross-validating options: -cv: Perform a cross validation.
If any of the files to be added are ACE XML files, they will be added to the ACE XML project file for that zip file.
Jar -arff ff -train -learner ibk -sres del.Y1 - indicates a polymer that has a number-average molecular weight of 1,000 or greater and that was exempt under the 1984 polymer exemption rule.During cross validation, instances are randomly partitioned into training and testing sets user for each fold.None of these is connected to or has a specific endorsement from EPA.Codes for feature selectors are as follows: Principal Components: PCA Exhaustive search using naive Bayesian classifier: EXB Genetic search using naive Bayesian classifier: GNB -sres: Saves results in a text file with the given name.Given a set of feature vectors, ACE experiments with a variety of classifiers, classifier parameters, classifier ensemble architectures and dimensionality reduction techniques in order to arrive at a good configuration for the problem at hand.Firstly, you need to check if every substance in your product is listed on the.Top of Page manual Meaning of EPA regulatory flags Special flags are used throughout the tsca Inventory to identify those substances on the Inventory that are the subject of an EPA rule or order promulgated under tsca, as well as to indicate types of full.