I want to download some files from the resource list but I don't like the filenames used there.
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GetVideo - Provides access to the direct path to get the video.For images there is a special thumbnails view where items may be ordered by the size descending order or filtered by width/height.To enable it: Click the menu button, click.Here you can set a common name mask using many types of available masks, and combine them in various ways.Adobe Acrobat, Nitro PDF Reader or, sumatra PDF like, adobe Acrobat, MozPlugger, or, kParts plugin, if one is available, to view PDF files in Firefox.Answer, the general idea of the extension is to collect links to the resources list (with optional filtering) and finally to add checked items to the download queue.Image Download - Download all norton 2014 portugues crackeado the pictures and filter by width, height, type, create sub folders and more.Another solution is to find eventually another extension designed specifically for the site.It places a button on your toolbar - just click it to save the current page as a pdf.If the PDF plugin comes bundled with an application, uninstall and re-install the PDF application.More generally, it's important to know that every item has some textual info associated.The most basic workflow it to open the extension popup (via the browser toolbar icon) and click there the Load page links button.Other solutions If the PDF plugin comes bundled with an application, check the application preferences, to see if there is an Internet setting to enable the plugin or to display PDF files in the browser.
For example one for Google Images downloading, other for SoundCloud etc.
But sometimes this doesn't work well.

Select your PDF plugin.Also, it's possible here to do other batch operations (search/replace type, setting directories etc) Question.Save Images - Saves images from the current tab's cache to a specified location.This add-on lets you easily save web pages to pdf.Save Link In Folder - Save links to special folders on your hard drive.If the button is not placed on the toolbar automatically, please follow these steps: Right click the toolbar.Development is mainly done in Windows, with limited testing in Linux (latest Ubuntu).The Troubleshooting Information tab will open.Answer This extension is still in early development, so, unfortunately, bugs are still expected.This usually fills the resources list with all sort of links, not only the desired pdfs.Sending to the queue will preserve this displayed mask.Here the user can set a download directory.If you still can't view a PDF file in Firefox with the Adobe PDF plugin, see the Adobe help page, Troubleshoot viewing PDF files on the web.Answer After checking some items from the resource list you can decide to send them either to the active queue, either to the passive queue (using the corresponding buttons).

This toolbox gives you Firefox add-ons to save just about anything from a webpage you could ever want.
Main features: The links may be extracted from multiple open tabs, clipboard, or from selected text on web pages.
Under the, application Basics section, click on Open FolderShow in FinderOpen Directory.