Stay close to vehicles and be mindful of when they get destroyed.
Also, killing enemy with a blowtorch is just as fun as killing them with a defibrillator.
On the other end of the spectrum, using automatic fire in close quarters is going to be more effective, unless you can spam that trigger pretty fast.
If youre going to be laying down suppressive fire as Support by X location, tell your team.Famas best Friend Forever ) - 10 Revives, 10 Heals, hK53 (.Exclusive Pre-order Offer need FOR speed - THE RUN DOG TAG - From Need For Speed - The Run mass effect 3 dogtag - A Gift From The Mass Effect 3 Development Team dice DEV team DOG TAG - The Wearer Of This Tag Contributed.Some upcoming Battlefield 3 gameplay video: Yeah, it's a bit short, but it's a trailer for the Operation Metro mission).Lone wolves do not excel as much as they do in Call of Duty.Dont forget to spot enemies.Submitted by: T-Bone344 EOD Bot XP Exploit edit This is an in-game exploit, and may be patched in future updates.Remember, its about the team victory, not being greedy with K/D.Exclusive Pre-order Offer yarrr - Talk Like A Pirate Exclusive Pre-order Offer edgy - Stainless Steel, Tempered In The Flames Of War.Service Star 5 MP443 master DOG TAG - Obtain Mp443 Service Star 5 MP443 supp.Join Hardcore Match with a friend (friendly fire must be allowed) Have your friend choose the Engineer using an EOD bot while you use a repair kit Have your friend shoot his own EOD bot while you repair it Enjoy your massive XP gain!You aid the team and you get points, win-win.The problem with that kind of approach is if you die, then you have to start all over from far away (or maybe not, manual handling beaumaris anglesey if you spawn on a squad member resulting in you wanting to get all the way back to the action because.Colonel -?,000 (?0,000) XP -.44 M-scoped Colonel -?,000 (?0,000) XP - AS VAL, M412 REX MP7 93R Score in a Kit 63000 and 189,000 Score in two Kits 63000, 189,000, and 315,000 Score in three Kits Was this guide helpful?
Not only that, it will also give away your position pretty easily in close quarter scenarios.
If someone goes down or requests health, use your class kit.

You will get the Roadkill Achievement / Trophy.Spotting enemies and vehicles goes a long way, especially if you end up shooting someone, but not killing them.Map size has a lot to do with this.Popular, battlefield 3 guides, battlefield 3 Achievements and Trophy Guide.Nintendo DS, battlefield 3 Walkthrough and Guide, our guide to Battlefield 3 contains all you need to complete the single player walkthrough, the co-op missions, a great achievement guide and a comp.L85A2 professional Russian ) - 100, assault rifle kills, 20 Grenade launcher kills, Win.Play your class, a pivotal part in Battlefield 3, like its predecessors, are the different classes.Call of Dutys shooter experience is more geared toward the players who enjoy constant action.This is not Call of Duty.Any vehicle in Battlefield 3 can make the difference between victory and loss in any skirmish, so keeping them functioning is very important.If you do that immediately after pulling a grenade back, this will hold it in that position until you release the trigger and the explosive will be thrown.Submitted by: DarkSydeGeoff How to Get ' Roadkill ' Achievement / Trophy edit In the third mission, Uprising, find the yellow cab on the side of a little cliff (this is in an area overlooking a bunch of parked cars) that is over two enemy.If you've discovered a cheat you'd like to add to the page, or have a correction, please click edit and add.Knife kills, mG36 keep your head down ) - 100 Kills with Light Machine Guns, 50 Suppression Assists,.Lastly, the Recon class is just that, recon.No spam, we promise.
It blinds everyone, not just enemies.