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Cal spa service manual

See the manufacturers operating instructions for other features and functions.
Women who are pregnant, or who think they are pregnant, should always check with their physician prior to service spa usage.
The disc will begin playing.A 39 Pillows Cover Lifts Appendix Cover Lift Adjustable (Top Mount) Cascade (Logo) ACC01400910 ACC01600117 Hand Rails Infinity Swivel Hand Rail (Black) manual ACC01400940 FIX12400002 Swivel Hand Rail (Chrome) Neck FIX12400003 ACC01400950 Waterfalls Bump manual Cascade Waterfall ACC01400866 PLU21800820 Drains Main Drain, Super Hi Flo Suction.Preparing a Good Foundation Damage caused by inadequate or improper foundation support is not covered by the warranty.In ut pratie dionull manual umsandio consed dolumsandit.Spa settings and time of day will be preserved for 30 days with a battery back-up.Spa owners are responsible manual for ensuring installation of their gas heater conforms to local, state, and federal regulations.This warranty excludes Designer Series in-ground spas.Soft water makes it impossible to maintain the proper water chemistry and may cause the water to foam, which will ultimately harm the finish of the spa and void manual your service warranty.Light Press the light button to turn the spa light on and off and to shift between dim and bright settings if your light is dimmable.The low speed pump will run for the duration of the filtering cycle and if an Ozone system service is installed it will be activated. We strongly recommended that you have a qualified, licensed contractor prepare the dark foundation for your spa.
Pour in.
For example, patch will you use your spa for recreational or therapeutic purposes?
During manual this time the pump will run at a maximum speed.
To unlock the set temperature: Press the UP or down button, time, jets 1, and then the down button.
Covering your spa helps prevent children from drowning in instruction the spa.
If equipped, open all gate valves in the equipment releases area.
Too alkaline, causes scaling.0 Need to music lower the pH level.8.6 Ideal balance If the pH is too high, it can cause scaling by allowing metals or minerals to form deposits and stain spa surfaces.When stretched, these bands create a high tension condition.Test for TDS (total dissolved solids).Hyperthermia occurs when the internal temperature of the body reaches a level 3F to 6F above the normal body temperature.6F (or 2C to 4C above 37C).Wipe clean with a clean soft cloth.It is the measure of the ability of the water to resist changes in pH level.Grab the lower edge of the pillow with both hands firmly and pull.Feummy nullamcore manual are different.Read AND follow ALL instructions note: A licensed electrician may be required to upgrade your standard receptacle and/or circuit breaker.Use two 2 couplings to connect the hoses to /8 diameter PVC lines.One or two hours before use, set the temperature to the desired temperature.We recommend you clean your filter once a month and replace it once a year or as necessary.

High pH can be corrected by adding pH- Too acidic, causes corrosion Alkalinity Down.
Clean up Cycle When the pump cal spa service manual or blower is turned on by a button press, a clean-up cycle begins 30 minutes after the pump or blower is turned off or times out.