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Cheat driver parallel lines wii

Please check back at lines a later date lines for parallel more achievements and trophies to parallel be added.
Night Night mode, reach 700 driver miles on your odometer.Also, the more money you have, the less you will have to repeat this trick.Game ID: rdvp41, unlock all Cheats 06366B C46 480006B, access all Vehicles lines 0403BD58 90C41A10 0403BD5C 80041A10 0403BD, pause Timer (2Up Wiimote) 205F B6F.Please check back at a later date for more game saves to be added.Keystone " cheat as a code.Indestructible cars, enter rollbar " as a code.Driver references Driver posters are visible on the walls of the 1978 safe house.After completing the race, lines the Circuit will close and you will not be able to race again. (supplied tinh by: dogg).
Then, select the "Cheats" option and enter one of the following codes to unlock the corresponding cheat option, parallel which can then be toggled on or off: Invincibility.
E (must be resumed!
Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ, review, advertisement, cheat mode, pause the game and select the "Settings" option.
This mode makes a day last only 24 seconds.
Your money will information be returned, but all the mods and parts will remain.
Gunbelt " as a code.This makes it easier to win the La Guardia Races.If it is for the 2006 Era, go to the 1978 bros Era and customize it for ten times less money.On the third mission where Ray asks you to collect 1,500 and deliver the money to his Auto Shop in La Guardia, enter the La Guardia Circuit Race.resume Timer (2Dwn Wiimote) style 205F B6F, e, collect 1 Star for.Stuntman reference Stuntman posters are visible on the walls of the 1978 safe house.Ray's erotic pictures mien In all of Ray's Auto Shops in the 1978 Era, go up the steps, and zoom in on the table.Win first place on any difficulty setting.Unlock ALL Weapons in your Time Zone: Enter the passowrd 'gunrange'.Note: Try this near crack Ray's Auto Shop.Graffiti sega reading "Tanner Lives" can be seen on the walls of the 2006 safe house.Infinite ammo, enter ".Weak cop cars, enter ".April 10, 2006 Author: YuGiOhFm2002 Downloaded: 5659 times Rating: (by 183 members) Rate this: .543.532.521.51 We currently don't have any Driver: Parallel Lines savegames for Nintendo Wii.

To complete the mission and continue the game, have at least 1,500 and go to the yellow marker at Ray's Auto Shop at the start of the mission.
There should be a gray school bus to your left marked "Prison Transport System" on the side.
Advertisement Weird fence behavior Get an AI car on its cheat driver parallel lines wii side and have it smash through a destructible fence.