citizen navihawk user guide

The watch is activated and crack do pes 08 the hands of the watch stop.
Radio wave reception indicator Caution During reception, the second hand may rotate once and show the reception level again.
Summary of the content on the page.On Demand Reception (Manual Reception) Recovery Automatic Reception (Automatic Reception) Signals can be received at any time.Reception Area Guidelines Transmitter Frequency radio signal Ohtakadoya-yama Standard Time Transmitter This watch can receive standard time radio waves broadcast from Japan (two 40 kHz (Fukushima Transmitter) transmitters the USA, Europe (Germany) and China.JPN: JJY (Japan) Automatically selects one of the two transmitters CHN: BPC (China) Shangqiu, Henan: Radius of approximately 1,500 km from Fukushima Transmitter: Radius of approximately 1,500 km from the transmitter the transmitter Kyushu Transmitter: Radius of approximately 2,000 km from the transmitter.Pull the crown out to position 1 and turn to align the mode hand with the CAL, TME or RX-S position.Cities and the standard time radio.BN0191-55L and are printed on the tag accompanying your watch.
Access the Setting Instruction Manual for your particular Citizen watch in one of two ways:.

Three types of radio signal reception are possible: automatic reception, on demand The watch will automatically receive the radio wave every day at 2 reception and recovery automatic reception.Hand hands the.Before Use Reception level/ NO: Signal RX: Reception Check the movement of Your watch is reception status reception failed standby The second Check the the second hand.Table of Contents.Display during Reception Reception can take from about 2 minutes to a During reception standby Receiving signal Reception completed maximum of 15 minutes, depending on factors such as the weather or noise.Confirming Reception Status Reception status level Radio wave reception environment was very The result of the radio wave reception can be confirmed.Minute hand charge level.Your Watch NO: Signal reception failed RX: Reception standby H, M, L: Reception level/ World Time Eco-Drive Radio Controlled Watch reception status This watch is a radio controlled watch, which receives the standard time radio waves that are broadcast from radio wave transmitters in four.Congratulations and Thank You for your selection of a citizen Eco-Drive watch.Before Use 12, checking the Reference Position.Received Received Received Received Time Time Time Time Display City name radio wave Display City name radio wave Display City name radio wave Display City name radio wave difference difference difference difference transmitter transmitter transmitter transmitter KBL Kabul.5 EUR TYO Tokyo 9 JPN DEN.World City Display wave assignment The received standard time radio waves shown UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) and 43 cities (or regions) are registered in this watch in Table of UTC Time Differences are in advance, and it is also possible to register one additional city.In addition to the watch manuals, you may also want to reference our selection of video instructions for further assistance with setting your watch and learning about your watch's specific features).