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Craftsman chainsaw service manual

Chainsaw Operating guides service and manual Service manuals.
Install Governor Spring Install governor spring between governor lever and speed control bracket.E m 37 Disassembly/Inspection and Service Cylinder Head Components alve Cover B Gasket C Jam Nut D Rocker Arm Pivot chainsaw E Rocker Arms F Rocker Arm Stud G craftsman Push Rod H Push Rod Guide Plate I Valve Keeper J Valve Spring K Intake Valve Seal.Inspection Inspect flywheel for cracks and check keyway for wear or damage.When pistons move downward, crankcase gases are pushed past service reed through mesh filter into intake system.Conclusion Fuel is reaching combustion chamber.Flywheel can become craftsman cracked or damaged if key is not properly installed.Remove wire choke linkage while sliding carburetor away from engine a couple of inches.Rotate crankshaft slightly to help engage governor gear.A high voltage service pulse is then delivered to spark plug, where it arcs across electrode gap and ignites fuel in combustion chamber. M 39 Disassembly/Inspection and Service Valve Guides To check valve guide-to-valve stem clearance, thoroughly clean cracked valve guide and, using a split-ball gauge, measure inside diameter.
Craftsman Chainsaw 315 Owner's manual (20 shippuden pages,.97 Mb).
No excess sealant allowed on inside or outside of joint.
Insert screws view connecting arm assembly to carburetor.
Remove spark plug(s) and pour about.
Kohler S SE Tools room KLR-82405 SE Tools KLR-82417 Kohler S Design Technology Inc.Torque screws.5 Nm (110.Torque nut.5 Nm (84.Starter Servicing limits Kit (All Starters) For removing and reinstalling drive retaining rings cracked and brushes.Hold engine in this position while testing.Remove crankcase plug on bottom of engine.E Disassembly/Inspection and Service Flywheel/Ignition/Fuel Tank ebook Components Remove Fuel doctor Tank.

Note: Always use a flywheel strap wrench to hold flywheel when tightening flywheel fastener.
Early Models craftsman chainsaw service manual Later Models Max.
Lb.) Governor Lever Fastener Gear Fastener.5 Nm (84.