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Go to Ronni: Ask new questions.
Use brush on sand again, find nail and roland ep 7 digital piano manual take.
Search and compare fingerprints for victim's identity.Talk to Enrique: Ask new questions.Back out and get close-up on the right side of money and use adhesive specimen mount.The game is point and click and comes on 3 CD's. .Continue prisoner interview with Heather Cole.Horatio vi chiederà di investigare sul ritrovamento di un braccio hcl me tablet x1 games umano nei pressi dei campi da golf del c& c 4 tiberian twilight crack club Palm Glen.Go to Yelina: Ask for prisoner interview with Heather Cole.Controllate il braccio mozzato ed usate il tampone per raccogliere lo strano liquido posto nella zona del polso, quindi raccogliete con l'ausilio dei guanti.Search and compare fingerprint.Search and compare prints.Copyright 2005 TLC GameBoomers Walkthroughs and Solutions).CSIs are involved in examining and collecting evidence at crime scenes, while crime lab technicians examine the evidence in the lab.Go to Morgue: Ask to recover body.Get close-up of victim.Go to Dive Site: Search for gun near post, use flashlight for close-up and take gun.
See more awards photos, see all 784 photos edit, storyline,.S.I.

Go to Assembly table: Put picture together.Use Mikrosil on wound.Check wallet in back pocket and take business card.In fireplace find burned paper and computer diskette, use brush on diskette and take flesh with tweezers.Get powder substance from bottom of shoe.Go to Morgue: Have the victim and dog's bodies recovered.Look in vat, take tool.Go to bar and get close-up of the tap.Go to Golfcourse: Ask Ty new questions.Go to Palm Glen: Talk to Ty Landon.Go to Beachhouse: Talk to Donny Bronson: Ask all questions.
Search Whiskey Stop: Go to trophy case, use Mikrosil on glove trophy.

Swab shoe and take.
Get close-up of mask on the wall to the right of the bed.
Go to Whiskey Stop: Ask Nicky new questions.