Added skill synergy bonuses.
Decreased the jpg to pdf file converter maximum number of Skeletal Mages that can be summoned as follows: the first 3 skill points in Raise Skeletal Mage still yield 1 Mage per point (as.09 however, subsequent Mages now require 3 skill points each.
Poison Nova - football manager 2011 crack Added skill synergy bonuses.
Be prepared to execute a hasty Save and Exit, if your situation seems too dangerous.Amazon - Bow and Crossbow Skills Magic Arrow - Added Attack Rating bonus.Made monsters tougher, beefed up monster difficulty in Act V, Nightmare, and Hell difficulties.Maul - Increased Stun duration.Even though I'm enjoying both D3 and SC2, it's still fun to boot up the older games, because even with dated graphics, the gameplay in both games is still solid.Although it starts lower, it rises rapidly to much higher damage.Increased difficulty and more items!Assassin - Martial Arts Skills Dragon Talon - Increased Attack Rating.Necromancer - Poison and Bone Skills Teeth - Added skill synergy bonuses.Readme in the archive, file Name: OKmod_v115.rar, file Size:.55 MB, download Last 2 Week:.

Fissure - Added skill synergy bonuses.Lightning Sentry - Added skill synergy bonuses.Amazon - Javelin and Spear Skills.But, hopefully soon, I'll be bashing little pygmy heads in the jungles of Kurast to ease my pain.Reduced the effectiveness of Experience runs, power-leveling, and leeching.Added over 100 new Unique Items, of which 29 can be found only in Ladder games.Cleansing - Increased area of effect.All kick skills - Increased Attack Rating bonus.
The skill and monster systems are now completely data-driven.
Resist Lightning - Increased area of effect.

Reduced average Lightning Damage.
Clay Golem - Added the ability to slow players and monsters on hit.
Allowed casting of Armageddon.