designjet 800 maintenance manual

If the Model Number on the front panel does NOT match the number on the label, then use the eerom setup ( Page 4-16) utility to set the correct model number.
In the software application: Set Print Quality to Best Use no Half Tone (or printer default.) Make sure that the media setting matches the media loaded in the printer.
Unclip the Carriage Cover (clip located on the left hand side of the Carriage - use a screwdriver if necessary).You decide to replace the Ink Cartridge.5 If the Printer has problems reading the signal from the Drive Roller Encoder-Sensor, then the test has failed and the following message will be displayed: Paper Advance hcl me tablet x1 games test System error 56:10 Roller encoder sensor failed In this case, to resolve the problem, replace the.Press enter to continue Menu Back Enter 5-10 HP DesignJets 500 and 800 Series Printers Service Manual Service Calibrations Factory Advance Calibration The purpose of this Service Calibration is to calibrate the nominal advance of the media.You should switch the Printer ON and OFF in order to start the priming process.Loading paper or replacing Printheads) is selected which returns the Printer to normal operation.The following diagram explains the operation of the ISS: Tube -Pen Supply "Bongo Pump - - Needle Lifter- Rocker- Opto triggers on this edge.- HP DesignJets 500 and 800 Series Printers Service Manual 10-7 Functional Overview These are the key functions of the ISS: Ink.

Remove the Media Sensor - Refer to Page 8-19.Try the following: Switch the Printer Off and wait a few minutes.81:11 System Error: Problem Description: Corrective Action: Refer to Error Code 81:01.The information that is stored for each error code is: The reported System error code.If the Printheads do not seem to require alignment, the Printer prints the Diagnostic Print A, which contains several blocks of color and a block of thin black broken lines.If the test fails, replace the Ink Supply Station Page 8-48.Drive Roller Encoder-Sensor test.
If the Printer powers up correctly and the LAN Card works properly, then try step.