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Dm6 virtue board manual

dm6 virtue board manual

Virtue Shocker board, shocker SFT, Shocker NXT, Nerve, pDF.
4 - Ramping mode: board ramps the rate of fire to manual the mROF board once you reach the ramp activation speed.
After the first shot is released, the board fires using the ramping mode described above.Gog Paintball Barrels, make an Offer, showing slide current_slide board board of total_slides - Make an Offer.AMB can be adjusted between 1 and 10, with a default.How many milliseconds long is my dwell if I had my stock board set to blinks from the bottom?Setting this to "1" will set an unlimited rate of fire.All modes board are capped by the mROF setting (blinking virtue red).In this video, debounce was set to 5, then I decrease it. Debounce (solid green Debounce is used to determine the board length of the redhat time interval through which no trigger activity is seen by the firing software, wherein the board will then accept new trigger events to fire the marker.
The ROF cap is adjustable between.5 and 22-bps, in 1/2-bps increments.
You can then push enterprise it again to turn the board back on to shoot, if needed.
Dwell time (solid red Dwell is the amount of time the solenoid virtue remains profili open, thus the time the bolt remains forward.
When you reach your desired amount, wait for two seconds, then the new setting will be stored.
Electronics for use with Smart Parts markers: (applies to multiple markers.As said, the eyes are enabled when the marker is first activated.Upgrading: This is the current version of the Virtue board.If you have done this successfully, the programming indicator LED will blink a variety of colors then hold solid green (this denotes the first setting in the programming mode).Dwell is measured in milliseconds and can be adjusted between 5 and 50-ms, with a default of 25 (30-ms).7-ZIP extractor is recommended to view linux files.Box Rotor Manual: -Click to View / Download, goggle manuals i3 Manual: -Click to View / Download serial i4 Manual: -Click to View / Download i5 Manual: -Click to View / Download, axis Manual: -Click to View / Download.Voke System: -Click to View / Download.