dota map hack 6.74c ai

Removed "TP from Air system" (Ai wont get TP scrolls from nowhere now).
DotA.74c.3b by, iceFrog, choose from 108 unique heroes in an epic battle to defend the Ancients.
Updated AI Planewalker's Cloak conditions.Epic War, maps are provided as is and are not guaranteed to be without errors.Fixed Bear getting more than 1 Basilius.All item builds were revised and changed to the new item system format "Sven's Warcry cast time removed" (ability code change: A1A5 - A2IS, order ID change) "Tiny now automatically and permanently equips a tree when he has Aghanim's Scepter" (scrapped Tiny's War Club logic).Fixed final scoreboard bug cutoffs.Attempt to fix "spell targets the dead" bug.Fixed ALL itemdrop issues (supposedly, and hopefully fixed flickering observer board bug.Fixed AI keep changing Basilius Aquilla mode in battle (k).
Drop-muted system complete (humans cannot give AI items.

DotA.74c AI Official DotA.74c.3 Map Download.Fixed final scoreboard completely.AI now buy Heaven's Halberd as S Y substitute against teams of kernel32 dll is corrupt DPS.Another attempt to fix Bear's item system.Rating: 29 Good 12 Bad, downloads: 19091, affiliates, wC3MapDB.2.Xin, Ember Spirit, tresdin, Legion Commander, special thanks to pbmn and his team.Modified many item usage, added better use on spell dodging, and added more usage of new items (credit: Green).However AI will still return these items in base, not in lane).Great news for all the AI fans!Fixed Channel-based abilities not used properly.Fixed minor bugs in gank system.Removed DoomBringer's Devour Text, added skillbuilds for all new 4 heroes.Builds are being built by stages: starting, core, luxury stage.After core, AI picks up random luxury items.The DotA.74c.3 map is officially released after a very long time.
Added all of Terrorblade's ranged forms in various functions.
Sideshopping is disabled for Syllabear once the bear begin building items.