Using this information, the phase margin of the system can be calculated without breaking the feedback loop of the controller.
When paired with your network analyzer, function generator and oscilloscope, the injectors can be used to perform the most important voltage regulator tests over a very wide bandwidth (as low as DC and as high as 50MHz). .
This article discusses each of the basic injectors that you should own, as well as, some of the measurements where they are all but essential.
The complete set of injectors, omicron Lab Bode-100 analyzer, and Picotest Arbitrary function generator cost less than a Venable or Ridley analyzer alone, and with much greater test capability.And many of these measurements can be made non-invasively on hardware in its final configuration.Essential Test Adapters for Your, network / Impedance.Voltage Regulator Phase Margin, many voltage regulators are of the fixed output variety and include the voltage divider internal to the regulator.When analyzing power circuits, engineers routinely evaluate the stability using gain-phase measurements also known as bode plots.If you have an interest in learning more about these injectors, please email.The two tests are related, however, an incorrect assessment can lead to incorrect performance conclusions and poor resulting system performance.Deconstructing the Step Load Response Reveals a Wealth of Information.Best of all, these adatpters are low cost. .The Picotest line of signal injectors can be used with any manufacturers test equipment.You can even measure reverse transfer and system level crosstalk. .You can measure psrr, output impedance, stability, and even small signal step molecular ecology joanna load response to 40MHz with 20nS transitions. .Signal Injection Transformers, what makes the Signal Injection Transformer special?
In this application note, the results of the non-invasive measurement are compared to the classical Bode plot loop gain measurements.

A DC bias injector useful for component impedance measurements where a voltage bias must be applied is also included.In addition, the line includes a unique Solid-State Current Injector used for non-invasive step load and output impedance testing and a Line Injection adapter ideal for measuring psrr.In this article well take a look at what makes the signal injection transformer special, why an audio or video transformer is not a suitable alternative for most applications and why the injection transformer is not suitable for measuring input ripple rejection (psrr) or other.Many manufacturers of voltage and low-dropout regulators are now doing away with the bode assessment in favor of only the step load response.One disadvantage to this architecture is that the voltage divider is not available for Gain-Phase or Bode measurements.We also offer a test kit to demonstrate each of the voltage regulator measurements and the proper use of the injectors.Click on the links below to learn more about our Signal Injectors.
This method is, therefore, considered non-invasive.