I never knew this.
But after reading throught this thread I noticed a post about a tire hitting some computer connections or something?Engine Control Module, engine Size:.5L I-4, engine Fuel: Gasoline, jeep Cherokee (XJ) 1996 Jeep Cherokee (XJ) 1995 Jeep Cherokee (XJ) 1994 Jeep Cherokee (XJ).My jeep has been stalling ( and by stall I mean it shuts off and I have to put it in neutral to start it up again) for the past few months it started out extremely intermittent and only at stop signs or red lights.My mechanic believes that it may not be related because the computer does not have to do with that, but I mean why did start happening now?Before this stalling phase I would mostly drive fwy or fast streets so with the radio I wouldn't even hear the noise.P.s if for some reason my mechanic reads manual fizica clasa 11 f1 art this and the story seems familiar, just goes to show how frustrated and broke I am, not trying to completely second guess your work, just trying to help the process and solve this issue!Engine Control Module, catalog 56003.0119, oMIX-ADA Part 56041291.My dad replaced the break pads at home as well as replaced whatever holds them I think because the parts were bent(?) but the car continued to make that noise to a much lesser degree and much less frequently, now it would not.
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I was advised to replace the ECM/computer after he "jiggled" the connectors to the computer and it would cause the car to shut off and he said that indicated an ECM problem.The ECM is supposed to be ordered from a jeep dealership.Description, this engine control module (ECM) fits Jeep Cherokee with.5L engines and manual transmissions.Details, installation Notes, installation Difficulty: Level 3Advanced, parts Included.I have a '97 grand cherokee that is 4x2 automatic 4 cylinders.There were really no codes before except for the coil so I went ahead and okayed the replacement.Share Your Thoughts, review Summary.That very day I thought the car was finished because now it would even rattle indicating it was going to stall and then when it did shut off it did not want to stay running.So now my car has a remanufactured ECM that was a little less than 600 plus another 200 in labor.Get it in front of 160 million buyers.It shut off when I was driving at street speeds and the gas gauge indicated it had 1/4 tank gas then shot down to empty with gas light flashing then went back to 1/4 gas tank.What is the other computer and what does it do, he mentioned the jeeps have 2?
Although the first day it did make a sort of rattling noise which scared me for a second.