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A low C instrument is required.Southern Music., 1964, SS, 6 2 pages.Here is a video of the clarinet and violin version that will give you an idea how it goes.Click of the cover image to view the first page of the bass clarinet part.2) Clarinet and Bass Clarinet Duet by Johann Sebastian Bach arranged by William Schmidt edited by Sharon Davis.

This book can also be used for solo, duet, or trio playing with the other volumes.Attractive originally-composed melodies (Polonaise, Tango, Waltz, etc.) through 4 sharps and flats.Don't forget that the.This book is being used for the Small Band Texas All-State auditions for all low clarinets.After all of the motives have had their solo moments, they begin to coalesce into one 'super motive at first retaining their original rhythmic and dynamic characteristics, but eventually dissolving in to a fiery cauldron of reckless abandon." This is an advanced piece using fractional.Here is a collection of clarinet solos from operas and ballets arranged for clarinet and piano.This arrangement is for solo bass clarinet and a clarinet choir of E-flat clarinet, 5 B-flat clarinets, alto clarinet, bass clarinet and contrabass (in B-flat) clarinet.Norbert Linke (1933-1977) is a German composer and musicologist.This piece was written for Rosario Mazzeo in 1937.
This piece was originally written for bassoonist Jeffrey Lyman at Arizona State University.