5, the HV values of the weld:essentially represent the performances of different best program for viewing pdf files metallographic it is easy to distinguish the different weld zones with the distribution of the HV values.
Iron, the temperature dependence of critical resolved shear stress for slip is very large.Weld metal area: is solidified by liquid metal in a weld pool.1, s19-1 PAT318, Section 19, March 2005 section 19 fatigue crack propagation 2, s19-2 PAT318, Section 19, March 2005 3, s19-3 PAT318, Section 19, March 2005 fatigue crack propagation (lefm) method n What remnant life is there after initiation?It has been considered as a kind of forging organization.22 Fracture Diagram 23 References Hahn,.T., Averbach,.Fracture Toughness: -Depends on the material, temperature, environment rate of loading.This procedure is repeated on other specimens at progressively decreasing stress amplitudes.They are the lowest in vacuum.Cleavage cracks nucleated by stress concentration produced by inhomogeneous plastic-deformation.TJU, the fracture toughness and fatigue crack propagation of the metal welded jointsReporter: Shi LeiTutor: Chen structure analysis of welded jointsThe principles measurement of fracture toughnessThe principles measurement of fatigue cracks propagationMetallographic structure analysis of welded joints.The principles measurement of fracture toughness.The crack driving force actually seen at the crack front) n Usual Method MSC.19, s-N Curves A specimen is subjected to stress cycling at a maximum stress amplitude; the number of cycles to failure is determined.11, regimes of Crack Propagation, stage I: crack growth Average crack growth one lattice spacing Stage II: crack growth fatigue striations: Paris law application Stage III: Fast crack growth: catastrophic failure!

So it is the origin of cracks and local brittle fracture.20 Effect of Grain Boundaries 21 Effect of State of Stress Large tensile stresses and small shear stresses favor cleavage.Basic fracture types Stress temperature curves Nucleation of Cleavage Cracks Propagation of Cleavage Cracks Effect of Grain Boundaries Effect of State of Stress Fracture diagram 3, basic Fracture Types Shape of Original specimen Brittle fracture.Propagation of Cleavage Cracks, where, K- Stress intensity factor a- length of surface crack or length of internal crack Y- dimensionless parameter 17, propagation of Cleavage Cracks, crack grows incrementally typ.Heating temperature StructureOverheated structure of coarse aracterizationThe width is about 1 to 3 mm, and plasticity toughness is decreased.A metal welded joint is consisted of : weld metal area, bond area, heat affect zone and base metal area.Fatigue Method 29 S19-29 PAT318, Section 19, March 2005 MSC/fatigue crack growth analysis steps n Input next cycle Calculate apparent K from lookup table Correct to effective K for u closure/short crack u notch field influence u static fracture mode contribution u history effects.
In plane strain state.