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Full gundam wing episodes

This is full a list of episodes from the episodes anime series, mobile Suit Gundam Wing, as well as the, oVA.
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Relena, having returned to her Darlian identity, becomes the new vice foreign minister in hopes of maintaining the peace.
While Lady Une advocates peace, Wufei attacks Space Fortress Barge, but like Duo, his Gundam is unsuited for space combat and he is forced to escape before Une's subordinate, Nichol, finishes him off.While he refuses help from Heero and Sally, Heero lends him the Wing Zero, and during the subsequent battle, the zero System convinces Wufei to join forces with the other Gundam pilots in order to defeat both Zechs and Treize.Meanwhile, when Treize's base in Luxembourg is under attack from an army of Virgos, Heero arrives with his Gundam to assist the Treize Faction; though he eventually finds himself overwhelmed by the continuous waves of mobile dolls.31 "The Glass Kingdom 2 " Transcription: "Garasu no koku (Sanku Kingudomu ( wing Japanese : ) November 3, 1995 April 17, wing 2000 wing Quatre convinces Heero to stay in the Sanc Kingdom to defend Relena.37 "Zero VS Epyon 2 " Transcription: "Zero Bsasu episodes Epion" ( Japanese : VS) December full 22, 1995 April 25, 2000 Zechs arrives in the Sanc Kingdom too late and is devastated - he (in the Wing Gundam Zero) ends up fighting Heero (in the Gundam Epyon but.Heero sees the battle on television and goes to find and kill Duo, but ends up rescuing him instead.03 "Five Gundams Confirmed 2 " Transcription: "Gandamu Go Ki Kakunin" ( Japanese : 5) April 21, 1995 March 8, 2000 Heero is taken to an Alliance hospital, but Duo helps him escape and later returns the Wing Gundam to him.As she and Dorothy head for space separately, so wing do Heero and Sally, taking along the Wing Gundam Zero and Trowa's Gundam Heavyarms (which Sally has recovered).Forgot Password, we will send a new password to your email. 19 "Assault on Barge 2 episodes " Transcription: "Baruji Kysh" ( Japanese : ) August 11, 1995 March 30, 2000 Duo is easily defeated and captured by OZ due to episodes his Gundam's lack of mobility in space after trying to fight off mobile dolls, computer-controlled mobile suits that.
Lady Une sends Heero and Trowa to fight back in the Mercurius and Vayeate, while Tsuborov, finding Une's behavior to be too lenient, stages a coup against her and cuts off the air supply to Wufei, Duo, and the Gundam engineers' cells.
Duo, Trowa and Quatre get their Gundams back and help Zechs and Noin in their attack on the Mariemaia Army's captured fortress in Brussels.
06 "Party Night 2 " Transcription: "Pt Naito" ( Japanese : ) May 12, 1995 March 13, 2000 Relena returns to school in time for a dance, but discovers Heero is going to transfer.
After she reveals she knows all about him full and his mission, she persuades him into being her escort for the dance.
In response to this, Heero self-detonates his Gundam; full seemingly killing himself in the process.
26 "The Eternal Flame of the Shooting Stars 2 " Transcription: "Moetsukinai Rysei" ( Japanese : ) September 29, 1995 April 10, 2000 Heero and Quatre are saved by members of the Treize Faction, consisting of soldiers still episodes loyal to Treize, and meet the engineers, who explain.
16 "The Sorrowful Battle 2 " Transcription: "Kanashiki Kessen" ( Japanese : ) July 21, 1995 March 27, 2000 Heero and Trowa arrive at Zechs' Antarctica base, where Heero is reunited with his rebuilt Wing Gundam.It is the year After Colony 195, and war between the Space Colonies and Earth has begun.No one is able to prevent the Mariemaia Army from seizing control of Earth using their new Serpent mobile suits.Later, when OZ attacks a Treize Faction unit hiding in the Sanc Kingdom as an excuse to invade the pacifist nation, Heero's Wing Gundam leads a counterattack and (once again) saves Relena's life in the process.He is rescued by Hilde as Trant attempts to fight in the Wing Gundam Zero.22 "The Fight for Independence 2 " Transcription: "Dokuritsu o Meguru Tatakai" ( Japanese : ) August 31, 1995 April 4, 2000 Zechs, now going as Milliardo Peacecraft, meets with Lady Une as an ambassador of the Sanc Kingdom.However, the school is attacked by OZ mobile suits sent by Lady Une to kill Relena.38 "The Birth of Queen Relena 2 " Transcription: "Kun Rirna Tanj" ( Japanese : ) January 12, 1996 April 26, 2000 Informed by Duo, Quatre approaches Trowa and asks for forgiveness.Quatre goes to the desert to retrieve his newly-rebuilt Gundam Sandrock from the Maganac Corps.39 "Trowa's Return to the Battlefield 2 " Transcription: "Torowa Senj e Kaeru" ( Japanese : ) January 19, 1996 April 27, 2000 Zechs accepts an offer from Quinze to become the leader of White Fang.23 "Duo, the God of Death Once Again 2 " Transcription: "Shinigami ni Modoru Dyuo" ( Japanese : ) September 1, 1995 April 5, 2000 Duo and an OZ officer, Hilde Schbeiker, clash in ideals as to what will bring about peace, and she comes to his.Doctor J responds and agrees to surrender, but refuses to hand over the Gundams.