g4 macintosh optical drive replacement cracked

I'll keep you posted on the outcome.
Toby" (From June 19th, 2010 mail) "I have just bumped into your site today and read some interesting facts on those G5s that have a coolant leak.Then at the end of the week, they told me that the cooling system had sprung a leak and they wouldn't know how long it would take to fix (the words "nearly forever to get parts" were spoken).Our local Apple service shop had never dealt with coolant leaks before, so couldn't tell me what kind of reaction I'd get from Apple.Instead I decided to cut to the chase and call tech support and tell them I have an unresolved issue with a repair suzuki gsx 1100g clutch service manual and that I wanted to talk to Customer Relations.I called Apple education support and everyone denied that they had personally ever handled a coolant leak and that this system was not under the power supply problem warranty.If that doesn't happen - if the program fails to run, or gives an error message - check that the ROM file is named exactly "M" and that it did not get corrupted during downloading/unzipping.On his return he told me he was passing me to a second level tech who would get further details of this issue.In the end Apple shipped new processors and power supply overnight and I didn't pay a cent.I contacted Apple Care, ready to state my case, thinking that my Apple Care had already expired (I thought early April and here it is, May.The noises died down but the fans started running amok.Still, I've got a pretty good outcome, and if it dies again in 3 years and 8 months time I'll feel I've done pretty well.
and of course like any coolant, you should avoid contact with it).
( he later wrote ) Follow up on my earlier email: After my phone call with Apple on Monday, April 13, I called the Product Specialist back on Friday, April.

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5, 2010 mail) G5 coolant leak, was repaired 11-09 by Apple (motherboard, cpu, powersupply).But, the folks at the Apple Store felt that the liquid was too hazardous for them to be dealing with, ( FYI - I guess they're overly paranoid but good for you.I have read their disclaimers and it surely doesn't look too good.I've warned to check that frequently since posting this page in Aug.Eventually it would not boot at all, stalling just after the startup chime.I began hearing clicking noises that sounded very much like the beginnings of a hard drive failure, but after checking the smart status on all of my drives, and removing them one-by-one (SwiftData200) and not having found the source of intermittent clicking I decided (based.The product has a design problem and should've been recalled and fixed.That yoke described above?Called, gave an L1 my case number, he put me on hold for about 10 minutes and came back with a Customer Relations representative.Monday 07th June 2010 (afternoon) - managed to lug the G5 to Next Byte Adelaide (forgot how heavy these bloody things are!) - the receptionist punched in my serial.

I called Apple (April 13, 2009 talked to Customer rep who put my on hold for about 10 minutes.