On January 4, 1995, General Motors unveiled the 300 GPX Concept at the 1995 Detroit Auto Show in Detroit.
It was the first year for the full-sized Grand Prix sedans.
Under the hood, the 389 V8 was replaced by a new 400 cu in (6.6 L) V8 with four-barrel carburetor, dual exhausts and 350 hp (260 kW).The base Model J underwent a number of content changes to cut the base price by around 500 to be more competitive with other mid-sized personal luxury cars.Case, 7 bolt side cover - 1" diameter countershaft pin See Detailed List 8 cyl 389ci M spd, RWD, Muncie, alumin.Retrieved "Grand Prix 40th Anniversary Edition".Some more rarer options specific for the 1985 Pontiac Grand Prix include a factory rear spoiler, rare aluminum turbo finned wheels, and a full size spare tire.Input bearing See Detailed List 8 cyl 389ci T spd, RWD, iron case, 9 bolt side cover - 80mm.D.Models) in the form of a 150 hp (110 kW) Chevy 305 cu in (5.0 L).GM's "A" body cars' front suspensions were based on the Chevrolet Camaro and Pontiac Firebird during this production run.A new optional four spoke steering wheel was also available."Concept Vehicle - Concept Car History - Chicago Auto Show".Case, 7 bolt side cover 1" diameter countershaft pin max load input and mainshaft bearings See Detailed List fiero 4cyl.5L MR2 1984 4spd, FWD, See Detailed List 4cyl.5L MR spd, FWD, Isuzu design, 7 bolt rear tin cover over 5th gears See Detailed.1979 edit A new crosshatch grille and revised taillight lenses were the only appearance changes made to the 1979 Grand Prix.The 1987 was also the last GP to feature rear-wheel-drive, V8 engines (until late-2005) and separate body-on-frame construction.

1966 edit The 1966 Grand Prix received only minor appearance revisions from the 1965 edition including a new more rounded split grille and new taillight trim.Also standard was a heads-up-display that projected the speed onto the windshield.Choose the kit number for the application will give you to a detailed listing of the components we provide for your manual transmission.Case, 7 bolt side cover - max load input and mainshaft bearings See Detailed List 8cyl 389ci T spd, RWD, iron case, 9 bolt side cover - 72mm.D.In 1968, Pontiac announced a radial tire option for the GTO that was quickly discontinued due to production problems.The 301 also had a knocking (pre-ignition) problem that was later determined to be caused by the shape of the combustion chamber.A wide assortment of options were available including power steering, brakes, windows and driver's seat; air conditioning, eight-lug aluminum wheels with integrated brake drums, Safe-T-Track differential and other items.The base 350 hp 400 cu in (6.6 L) engine was still standard, but a low-compression 400 CID engine was available with a two-barrel carburetor.The coupe was an SE model with body work such as hood louvers and extra body cladding(which will be the most controversial design element in the years to come).
From 1982-on, all V8-equipped Pontiacs were equipped with Chevy or Olds engines.
The SE gained standard cruise control and dual-zone climate control, and GTs manual electric disconnect switch catalog got a standard power driver's seat and CD player.