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ThinkPad R40, R40e, march 2004, thinkPad R50, R50p, R51, july 2005, thinkPad R50e, R51e, R52, august 2005, thinkPad R60 (type 9455, 9456, 9457, 9458, 9459, 9460, 9461, 9462, 9463, and 9464) /. lenovo thinkpad Installation of Customer Replaceable Units (CRU) may be manual your responsibility; click here to..
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Hl-dt-st dvdram gsa-h10n driver update

added riplock patch for LG GSA-T40N - added riplock patch for LG GS21N - added GH20 - GE20 crossflash support - forgot to mention LG GE20LU10 support in previous driver release dvdram - added RPC1 patch for asus DRW-1612, DRW-1814, DRW-2014 firmwares - added support for.
Original dvdram firmware has to be decompressed with upx,.g.
added riplock patch for GSA-T20N/T21N Thanks update to tiberia for the tests.No BD-RE patch yet.Fixed bug introduced in previous hl-dt-st release occuring when renaming MIDs in LG Panasonic chipset firmwares improved support for LG Panasonic MN103 chipset drivesLG 4164/4166/H20/H21/H22/H31 - added lossless strategy swapping - write speed information is taken hl-dt-st from write strategies now, so it should match reality.added RPC1 patch for LG GSA-H2x/H3x/H5x firmwares This patch (and also the initial TDB patch) might not work correctly, more test feedback is welcome.added support for philips dvdr1648P1.4 - added support for philips dvdr1628P1.4 - added support for HL-DT-stdvd-RW GSA-H21N A106 (Dell OEM) - added support for HL-DT-stdvdrrw GSA-H20N.01 - added support for HL-DT-stdvdrrw GSA-H20L S742 (HP OEM) - added support for HL-DT-stdvdrrw GSA-H21L.Zestawienie nagrywarek, hl-dt-st top 15, top 15 nagrywarek, blu-ray (ostatnie 14 dni Top 15, top 15 nagrywarek, dVD (ostatnie 14 dni Nagrywarka, lG GSA-H10N, dane techniczne i specyfikacja LG GSA-H10N: marka.Fixed bug that disabled the write speed checkboxes for most firmwares.added support for Optiarc DVD RW AD-7241S.01 looks like the Optiarc DVD RW AD-7240S support was already added in a previous release - added support for tsstcorpcddvdw TS-H653G SB00 - added support for tsstcorpDVD-RW TS-U633 added support for pioneer DVD-RW DVR-117F/217L.07 firmwares.enabled read speed patch for unknown benq 1650/1655 firmwares - fixed bug preventing -R overspeeds on LG H10 firmwares Thanks to galadhon for reporting the problem.fixed wrong 18x write speed display on NEC 6650/6750 firmwares - added support for Optiarc DVD RW AD-5540A.01 (untested) - updated automatic test suite fixed incompatibility with the LD Optiarc flasher/firmware package - fixed Optiarc 12x DVD-RAM display - enabled lossless strategy swapping.File size:.7 MB, oS: Windows XP/Vista, version JL12 only for GSA-H10N (Inxternal 16X Super multi DVD Writer).Thanks to aqs2k, C0deKing and PumaUK for the tests. Added read speed patch for encountered pioneer DVD-RW DVR-111/112/212 drives, increasing /-R read speed from 12x to 16x, /-DL/RW from 8x to 12x This patch is not available for 109/110 drives because road 16x/12x is a bit too fast for smooth reading on these drives.
added support panther for LG BH12NS30 EL00 - internet added support for LG HL-DT-stdvd-RW GH30N A103 - added support for LG HL-DT-ST DVD-RW GH50N B103 (LG GH24NS50 clone) - fixed LG GT10N.06 RPC1 support - added support for LG GT30N ASS2 - added support for.
Thanks manual to Ginawild, wrath faberryman and KLR001for the tests.
added automatic media name padding with blanks when editing or importing media names for LG panasonic chipset firmwares - added crossflash option for GSA-H11N - fixed bug introduced in that took older LG flasherinto maintenance mode - added writespeed display for pioneer DVD-RW DVR-112.
added support for LG GSA-T30N - added support for LG GSA-U20N, no read speed patch yet - added support for asus DRW-20B1L/LT (iHAS120/220 clone) - added support for plds DW205 (iHAS120 clone) - added support for PX-806SA (iHAS120 clone) - added support for PX-850A.
added support for philips dvdr1640P.7 - added support for philips pbdv1640P.7 - added crossflash option for Benq DW60 firmwares, supporting crossflash from Benq DW60 OEM (atapi DVD DC 8X16X8X) and Plextor PX-750 firmware to Benq DQ60 retail firmwares Thanks to DMagic1, KTL.
fixed missing R9 display for GWA-4161B firmwares - added support for philips SPD6004P HP02 (lite-ON LH-20A1H clone) - added support for benq DVD DC DW2050 9B3A - added support for benq DVD DC EW200G 6B43 (USB drive) - verified support for atapi DVH20A3H YP5W.Download, what's New, quick Specs, related Drivers 2, manufacturer:.added wrath full support for LG GGC-H20N/L and LG GGW-H20N/L, including RPC2 auto reset and riplock patch - fixed LG GSA-H58N riplock patch added support for tsstcorpcddvdw SE-S224Q TS00 - added support for tsstcorpcddvdw SN-T083A SB00 - added support for tsstcorpDVD-RW TS-H653B D300 (Dell SH-S203B.added write support for tsstcorpcddvdw SH-S203 firmwares Thanks to pinto2 for the tests.added LG GSA-T21N support, including RPC2 autoreset games patch No read speed patch yet.Thanks to mciahel for the tests.Box displays no drive name now if the crossflash patch has not been applied.added support for Optiarc DVD RW AD-7543A 1-00 - added support for Optiarc DVD RW AD-7630A.00 - added support for plextor dvdrpx-800A1.00 fixed crash bug when renaming MIDs of LG 4167-H42 firmwares - added support for LG GSA-H42N RL01, GSA-H42L SL01 - added.fixed MKM 03RD30 write speed display for several LG drives - added support for LiteOn atapi DVH16A4/DH18A4 - added support for Optiarc DVD RW AD-7201A/S.05 - verified support for Optiarc DVD RW AD-719x/720xA/S.05 added support for pioneer DVD-RW DVR-115x/A115/215x/S15x Read speed patch.added support for HL-DT-stdvdrrw GSA-H20L.01 The LG 4164/66/H20L support currently suffers from firmware restrictions and needs further tweaking: 4x R and all -R media is locked on their write speed - added support for pioneer DVR-111D.23, DVR-111.23 - added support for.Podaj producenta lub symbol: Najnowsze testy nagrywarek Blu-ray, CDR oraz DVD).added [email protected] crossflash option for GSA-H42L drives Such a crossflash removes the Lightscribe feature as there is currently no way back because no H42L firmware is available.- added support for GSA-T11N A103 Current support is read only, looking for testers.Pressed DL and -RW/RDL media should read.9x start, 16x max speed, which might be too fast.