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Hp 5120 switch manual

hp 5120 switch manual

Sysname interface bridge-aggregation 1 Sysname-Bridge-Aggregation1 arp switch max-learning-num 100 arp static arp static ip-address switch mac-address vlan-id interface-type interface-number undo arp static ip-address undo arp ip-address System view ip-address: IP address in an ARP entry.
Sysname arp timer aging 10 3 manual 11 display arp display arp all dynamic static slot slot-number vlan vlan-id interface interface-type interface-number count begin exclude include regular-expression Any view 1: Monitor level all: Displays all ARP entries.# Display manual the binding information of all dhcp address pools.12 20 exclude: Displays all lines that do not match the specified regular expression.Current state of the link layer protocol, which can be down: manual Indicates that the protocol switch state of the interface is down.Bims-server bims-server ip ip-address port port-number sharekey key undo bims-server dhcp address pool view ip ip-address: Specifies manual an IP address for the bims server.# Display information about assignable IP addresses. Begin: Displays the first calculadora line that matches the specified regular expression and all lines that follow.
Display dhcp server ip-in-use Any view display dhcp server ip-in-use all ip ip-address pool pool-name switch begin para exclude include regular-expression 1: Monitor level all: Displays the binding information of all dhcp address pools.
Use the display ip interface brief command to display brief IP configuration information for a specified Layer 3 interface or manual all Layer 3 interfaces.
Max-ip-use threshold-value: Enables the dhcp server to send trap messages to the network management server when the maximum IP address utilization of an address pool within five minutes reaches the threshold specified by the threshold-value argument.If you change the interval for sending gratuitous ARP management packets, the configuration is effective at the next sending interval.51 pages manual for HP 5120 EI Series Network Router, Switch.Related commands: reset arp and display arp.If there are more forward that 12 characters, only the first nine characters are displayed.Interface interface-type interface-number: management Clears fast the ARP entries for the interface specified by the argument interface-type interface-number.By default, no bims server information is specified.Use the display dhcp server ip-in-use command to display the binding information of dhcp address pool(s) or an IP address.Use the undo arp check enable command to disable dynamic ARP entry check.Use the undo arp max-learning-num command to restore the default.