We unplugged the DVD player and still have no sound.
Can it be done through the buttons on the set itself?Need to reset all, possibly?I have had this TV for about 15 years with no problem.Feb 23, 2001 greg, audio Enthusiast.Tried HD connections using red, blue green cables as hdmi cable cannot be used.Hello i have a mitsubishi 2003 audi a6 owners manual pdf ck-35304.HI mitsubishi projection TV -model VS60719-turn ON TV -picture sometimes- black screen AND sound only sometimes -picture will come ON iinute OR SO-then GO -ON AND ofew times- then work good rest OF DAY- feels like something HAS TO warm UP I have a wt-46809.The stations are tuning in with the signal of 480i, 720p or 1080i.My question is how long are these lamps suppose to last is this com I am looking for a manual for a Mitsubishi Model WS-48511.2-3 seconds another click and then back ease help four lil girls ages 2 - 7 who really depend I have a mitsu.Martin Short mitsubishi medallionTV(modelWS-65413)The vertical hold started going RttoLeft.
The system reset lite started blinking, and the system reset button will not reset the.

Is there a trick to programming NetCommand that prevents this?Thanks My house recently had a power surge, an now my cable will not work correctly.I unplugged it hoping for it to reset.I have a wd-65732 and i have the number 2 in the upper right coerner of the screen.When one bulb goes, do all three do not light?And what can I do Reviews on Mitsubishi TV, LT-52149 model.My mitsubishi tv has spots on the screen.WS-55311 Mitsubishi TV everthing on the screen is red when hooked up to DTV and the components what is wrong?Can you manually adjust them?I can't find how to adjust the tint on the.V.After adjusting functions the screen has a black box/picture that takes up most of the screen and stays there.Wisdom warmly welcome All of a sudden we have a blue satellite?This has happened to 4 cables.

My two year old just wrote all over it with chap stick?
How do you change the format on a mitsubishi ws-65413 rear projection television?
I have a mitsubishi tv that was given.