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Mods para resident evil 5 pc

Dash fire/explosions: Only useful for Wesker or if youre using Character Anim Swap - Directional dodge: Dodge in the last direction your character was moving when attacked - Successive dodge: Wesker-style dodge, this one has bugs, but stable (male majini mods sparks, metal sound, boss.
Fast speech: No pauses between phrases.Swap Knife according to character: resident Knife will be swapped evil according to your current character (Notice: Changing Slot 10 knife to anything else, even resident another knife causes the knife to always stay in the sheath, cannot be undone.Freeze Z Coordinate: Will freeze Z coordinate (altitude) for the character controlled by para you resident and/or another Ai controlled character.Piersfan : Anyone know how to access the Resident Evil 6 effect resident files? (Notice: Changing screen parameters will crack lead to instability, use with vibration caution) - manual Unlock all characters: Use if characters in Mercenaries/Versus modes are locked.
Characters Tab - Check Freeze x Player to actually change character game - Character Swap: Swap default characters to characters you want.
If that ever happens, let enemies attack you or restart.) - Reset rc/Ver Score: The score will be reset as soon as 700 enemies have been killed or time has run out.
Fix Cutscenes: Static heads for characters during cutscenes.
If you come very close to another character (touch him your character might or might not dodge.Mercenaries Versus Tab - Player x Freeze must be checked to enable editing of any slots.Players can kill up to 700 enemies.In this case It works similarly to one hit kill, only less buggy.) - Freeze health: Will freeze the health of enemies.In addition, the use of weapons is enabled.Extended enemy recovery trainer: For mods shaper with increased enemy count evil (e.g.Save/Load INI: Save and load camera settings.Wesk(wesker) checkbox will enable anim swap only for Wesker, other characters will continue to dodge normally.

Freeze checkboxes must be checked in order to save/load settings Inventory Tab - Due to the fact that mods para resident evil 5 pc Story/Mercenaries slots and RTE slots differ, Rapid Fire/Infinite Ammo can only be set in Real Time Editor mode.
Freeze combo bonus time: Infinite combo bonus - Freeze combo time: Infinite combo time - Freeze Timer: freezes timer - Freeze Kill Counter: Kill counter will never change - Change Mercenaries Time: Add or subtract time - Change Kill Counter: Add or subtract count.