mystery of cleopatra game

Learn a thing or two about ancient history.
In this title, you play the role of Queen Cleopatras handmaiden who is sent find out hacker para priston tale brasil 2013 how a soldier died.Some objects need to be combined for them to work, and there is also a good deal of puzzles to solve.Mystery of Cleopatra is not a difficult game but finding some of the objects will prove to be challenging.The latter broke into the royal palace, and that makes his death all that more suspicious.Apart from being an investigation and puzzle solving game, Mystery of Cleopatra is also educational.Mystery of Cleopatra is a hidden object game in which, like many others before and after it, you have to find clues and investigate a case.You are a trusted servant of the Queen, and she sends you to investigate the mysterious death of a Roman soldier.One of the best things about Mystery of Cleopatra is that there are a lot of facts about ancient Alexandria, Cleopatra and more, scattered around.To do so, you have to look closely at the scene, and click them when they are spotted.Luckily there is a Hint button to use.Standard hidden object gameplay, mystery of Cleopatra is played like most hidden object games.Click clues and solve puzzles, the story to Mystery of Cleopatra is a simple one in the beginning.You are presented with a wide range of environments, and in relation to where you are situated in the storyline, you have to find various clues.Following up on the long trail of clues, you soon notice that the crime has ramifications.Shortly after, you discover that both political and personal issues had something to do with the murder.All you have to do is find out who is responsible for everything.
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#1 Blade Soul, this game is a Korean version of World of Warcraft where the storyline mainly focuses on quests, resources, exploration, and other such aspects.
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