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Then, connect it to the TV again following the instructions in "Connecting Sony KV-32FS120 sony Operating Instructions - Page 44 or change video manual inputs (page 2).Sony KV-32FS120 Operating Instructions - Page 16 1 line OUT parts video audiudionnections From cable/ antenna Rear of TV 1 S video..
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Create striking images and text using sophisticated distortions such as Flag, Television, and the brand new Rip Open.Lightning renders realistic arcs of skin lightning in digital photos and compositions without waiting for a thunderstorm.Plus, presets put hundreds of quick and easy effects at alien your fingertips. F: Render..
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Odea go parts manual

odea go parts manual

When changing the electronics, the dip-switch position must be checked and altered if necessary.
Saeco xsmall SUP033, saeco Xsmall odea is the mini version of New Gen BMW designed machines Odea Go and Giro. Functional principles parts Water level detection of fresh water tank Limescale filter Water level detection of residual water tray Empty dreg drawer message Descaling request Electronical configuration (DIP-switch setting) Cup lift Milk Island.Saeco International Group odea talea / odea - line.6.3 3 Saeco International Group Rev.Gamea Revo features a touch screen technology that allows users to select the beverage, adjust coffee quantity, and brewing temperature.No response to signals:.g.This is not a fault and can occur during first use or after a service.Every 4 weeks / 30 litres approx.System setting.2.2B system settings Settings.12 / 24 hour display Standby 15 min after use 24hr - am/pm time format Programming current time 15 min h/min 6 current time 5 Comments / conversion.2.2A.2009 Page 9 / 14 04 functional manual principles.11.Talea / odea - line Final control Test Cup capacity Cup capacity Procedure Resources manual 2-3 cups parts with the Espresso setting 2-3 cups with the Coffee setting Measuring beaker Measuring beaker Carefully blow into the cup until the cream separates Cream colour Temperature Reading taken.3 Saeco International Group Remove the screws shown. Alarm LED: Permanently on (one or more causes No coffee left, water tank is empty, the residual water tray is full (in this case the dreg spider drawer also has to be emptied to prevent problems).
When coffee is dispensed /- 130-150) Boiler temp.
Activate each function with the relevant key.
Filter off: The appliance determines the amount of water that flows through odea the flowmetre and shows the Display "Descaling" according to the pre-specified quantity of water set via the hardness setting.Last descaling /- 5 since sec.Therefore, the residual water tray fills up to the Sensor upper edge of the shaft serial and the overflow in the shaft triggers the sensor and therefore displays to empty residual water tray.120V; 60 Hz; 1350 Watts, dimensions: 11 inch Wide;.75 inch Deep;.5 inch Height.2009 Page 7 / 14 04 functional principles.8.User interfaces.1.1 Odea Go 03 operating Appliance ready LED: Permanently on: The appliance is ready for use.Every 3 months / 120 litres 4 Very hard water (over 21dH) approx.The continuous-flow 15 heater is switched on but the temperature does not increase) general drum faults 19 No zero crossing Power supply fault 20 Cup lift fault Both limit switches operated at patch the same time Saeco International Group Rev.3 When installing, enus take care that the spring is fitted correctly in the centre of the coffee grinder axis.The adjustable built in conical burr grinder produces consistenly uniform ground plasma coffee that in turn makes flavorful and aromatic espresso with rich golden crema.When mounting the large gear wheel, take care that the arrow on the gear wheel is aligned to the axis of the small double toothed gear wheel.1 B Remove the screws shown.When you submit a report, we'll investigate it and take the appropriate action.2009 Page 5 / 14 04 functional principles.5.