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Oops concepts in c# pdf

oops concepts in c# pdf

Encapsulation is a concepts technique oops used concepts to protect the information in an object from another object.
Polymorphism means that you oops can have multiple classes that can be oops used interchangeably, even though each class implements the same properties or methods in different ways.
Access Modifiers and Access Levels, all classes and class members can specify oops what access level they provide to other classes by using access modifiers.The objects are mostly the physical entity but it can be a logical entity as oops well.To specify that a class cannot be used as a base class: public sealed class A To specify that a class can be used as a base class only and cannot be instantiated: public abstract class B For more information, see: Overriding Members By default.Example concepts Method Overriding by using virtual method public class Base public virtual string BlogName return AspnetO; public class Child : Base /same method name with same signature/parameters public override string BlogName return AspnetO Quick Way To Learn t; public class Program public static void Main(string.Suppose you have 3 mobile phones as in the following: Nokia 1400 (Features: Calling, SMS nokia 2700 (Features: Calling, SMS, FM Radio, MP3, Camera).They are implemented by classes, and defined as separate entities from classes. We have a physical existence while a class is just a logical definition.
Like Human Being, having body parts, performing various actions.
Fields are oops like variables because they can be read or set directly.
Class A class is a collection of method and variables.
When an object workshop is created without the manual new operator, memory will not be allocated in the heap, in other words an instance will not be created and the object in the stack contains the value null.
It contains characteristics of the objects such as objects attributes, actions or behaviors.
The abstraction concept is very useful for project modelling, that will show only necessary part concepts and will hide the actual implementation from the user.Private string GetEngineMakeFormula private string formula a*b; return formula; concepts Example Encapsulation public class Bike public int mileage 65; public string color Black; private string formula a*b; /Its public so accessible outside class public int GetMileage return mileage; /Its public so accessible outside class public string.It produces efficient programs.A namespace is a collection of classes.Encapsulation is implemented by using access specifiers.Abstraction allows making relevant information visible and Encapsulation enables a programmer concepts to implement the desired level of abstraction.There are some basic concepts of the Object Oriented workshop Programming those are implemented by the Object Oriented Programming languages.