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Oracle dataaccess dll

Currently I am investigating this issue on 3 machines: my regular laptop virtual machine set up on my laptop old laptop delivered by my colleague.
Then when I distribute the installer and oracle install the app on different machine the software is not working.
When I convert the solution to install package and install on virtual machine.
I tried to setup machine no 2 (virtual machine, also fresh Windows 7 64bit) the same way dataaccess as machine no 3 but the application still crashes so it brought me to conclusion oracle that Oracle Client installation is not required but the problem is caused.The project was distributed among users as installation package and the idea was that they do not need to install anything dataaccess else.Web.dll note that this registers only the DLL's but not other languages resources.This is a WPF application written in C# and its purpose is to pick up Excel spreadsheets and export them to Oracle database for further calculations.Recently I performed oracle some tests on virtual machine and I noticed that when I launch the application as solution it works oracle even without Oracle Client.The application works well only on machine no 3 which has reinstalled Windows 7 64-bit and Oracle Client 11g (Oracle.I created this topic as I could not find the answer even though there are many similar threads.Im using Amazon EC2 instance webserver Windows-2008R2-SP1, i dataaccess downloaded and installed Oracle client from this link ml lateset one Release3 i checked Oracle.DataAccess, Version, Cultureneutral, PublicKeyToken89b483f429c4724' or one of its dependencies. .Step into: Stepping over property 't_Message'.DataAccess, Version, Cultureneutral, or one of its dependencies.Is my newer version the cause of the problem? .Any guidance would be appreciated.The system oracle cannot find the file specified. The other two also run on Windows dataaccess 7 64-bit, we also tested the application using newer Oracle libraries with no positive effect.
The library OraOps11w (different version in fact) time is available in the folder where Oracle Client was installed.
If this may fix the problem the only option is to install the package with correct libraries.
Laptop 3 (the crack old motorcycle one which works fine) shows just 1 entry for Oracle.
The description is as below: Inner manual Exception, step into: Stepping over property 't_InnerException'.At eckVersionCompatibility(String version) at itialize at tor Unable to load DLL 'OraOps12.dll The specified module could not be found.I corrected some values but this also did not bring the expected result.Machine number 1 is a bit messy as I removed or reinstalled many versions of DataAccess and in GAC they are all listed.Recently many users reported that the tool created in Visual Studio stopped working.Laptop 1 shows total mess as I mentioned earlier result of numerous re-installations.I found some information about empires InnerException which I caught with tch.To fix this you must register game the missing assemblies in the GAC.I also found a tutorial which suggests unloading the project and editing csproj.

After deploying t app oracle dataaccess dll to the server im getting this error.
GAC looks different in 3 cases.
DataAccess.dll version and it appears that this is the only DLL provided.