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Orbiter space flight simulator manual

orbiter space flight simulator manual

MFD instruments: The most important and versatile instruments are the manual two multifunctional displays (MFDs) in the orbiter centre of the instrument panel.
The included Delta- glider contains a manual sample implementation of the new panel interface.
Time skip SET: This differs form timer advance, above, only in that it simply allows you to jump to a designated point in the mission.
It also shows indicators for prograde (the direction of your orbital velocity vector) and retrograde (the opposite direction).To save your own scenarios: After exiting a simulation session, click the Save current orbiter button to save the current simulation state in a new scenario file.Viewed through planetary atmospheres.Num Kill main and retro thrusters.Boiler simulator N2 Supply 1/2/3 panel R2 - controls the nitrogen shut off valves, which maintain water pressure in the boilers.Landing sites: This selection shows the two landing sites, kennedy space center and the primary site, edwards AIR force base, in th same way as the launch sites, by simulator way of a short demo, which can be quit in the same way.Another effect is the loss of response from your aerodynamic control surfaces.Thus all flight mouse functions space described above can be emulated by using these keys.If this module is active, the remote control window can be selected from the Custom Functions list ( ).New 2-D instrument panel engine The new version has improved support for displaying customized vessel instrument panels, which provides better scaling and zoom support, and can make use of mesh transformation techniques for smooth instrument animations.Button in the title bar of the dialog box. Create a clipboard You just clipped your first slide!
Orbiter now contains plug-in modules and API support for running scripts from within the administrative simulation.
The first time you run Orbiter, you will have to configure the video options (Sec.
Table of contents Scenario info Vessel info Help page Many in-game dialog boxes provide context- sensitive help.
Dkluempers, 03:14 AM # 5, tex, o-F Administrator,": Originally Posted by polaris149Tiberius, added to the list.
The main audio menu contains information that will be useful in familiarizing you with the Space Shuttle and its systems, and to help you choose the level of customizing you require, as well as Launch and Landing Sites and the mission tools details.
If you select this before you're at the right point in time, the comms will tell you you don't need them just yet.
Scale 1 provides optimal space visual quality, but other values may be used to adapt the panel tools size at low or high ghost screen resolutions.This will fail if hover thrusters cannot compensate for gravitation, in particular at high bank angles.Next door to the forum, driver at m, is the primary Orbiter add-on re- pository, where you can find a huge number of user-created spacecraft, instruments, textures, and more.If you are using Orbiter for the first time, this will help to familiarise yourself with some basic concepts of spacecraft and camera control.GPC power ON/OFF panel 06 - First of all you have to turn things.Some built-in MFD modes, such as the Surface and HSI modes, define a lower limit for the update tutorial frequency.Space shuttle accurately reproduces the layout and functions of all of the genuine shuttle controls.To jump into the cockpit of your glider, press.

Move the cursor around this and you'll find that the different panels are highlighted as you go over them.
To turn prograde, you can activate the RCS manually, but it is orbiter space flight simulator manual easier to leave it to the automatic attitude control, by simply pressing the Prograde button on the right of the instrument panel (or ).