One-Point Touch Input of Vector Information from Computer Displays, Computer Graphics, 12(3 210-216.
In making this statement about Apple's awareness of this past work, I am not criticizing Westerman, the iPhone, nor Apple. .DSI Datotech printers repair manual for epson 3000 (Vancouver BC) In 2002 DSI Datotech announced and demonstrated a multi-touch tablet named HandGear.This is one example where I am citing work that I have not known and loved for the simple reason that it took place below the radar of normal scientific and technical exchange.While marketing tends to like the "great invention" story, real innovation rarely works that way. .The rear projection Liveboard was initially conceived as a quick prototype of a large flat panel version that used a tiled array of bi-directional dpix displays.Proceedings of CHI '94, 417-423.Retrieved Dec 31, 2012."Steph Curry and the new Palm want you to forget your phone".(Note, this was simply a multi-point implementation of a concept seen in Ivan Sutherlands Sketchpad system.) Likewise, one could grab the background or an object and rotate it using two points, thereby controlling both the pivot point and degree of the rotation simultaneously.Johnson of the Royal Radar Establishment, Malvern,.This enabled bimanual input.
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A touch screen display system employing a rear projection display and digital image processing that transforms an otherwise normal sheet of acrylic plastic into a high bandwidth input/output surface suitable for gesture-based interaction. .These included Palm IIIx with 4 Megabytes of memory, Palm IIIe without flash memory or hardware expansion slot (and available for lower price Palm V with 2 Megabytes of memory, and, Palm Vx with 8 Megabytes of memory. The significance is that there is no separate touch sensing transducer. .What touch screen based soft machines offer is the opposite alternative, less is more. .Fingerworks ceased operations as an independent company.Other work can be found in the references to the papers that I do include.If, for example, you have paper graphics on your tablet, is that a display (albeit more-or-less static) or not?

Transactions on Human-Computer Interaction, 5(4 326-359.
Multi-touch is one approach to accomplishing this but by no means the only one, or even the best. .