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Pdf touchstone 3 teacher book

pdf touchstone 3 teacher book

The grammar in this lesson is always book recycled and teacher is thus grammar that students already know.
B lil" Listen book to Javier talk abott touchstone his friends.
Steve and Anna spem their childhood in the book teacher same town.
Throughout the series students complete tasks that actively involve them in the learning process.Number the pans from I.Aspecial touchstone thank-you from the authors.C P'glire-1 Write on the board: How a person eats. Tdd ideas to the list.
How did Christopher meet his friends?!ffU U B!low does Christopher express these ideas?
On many of editor the Vocabulary notebook pages you will find fun facts about vocabulary, such as ho people refer to family members and manual what color and food words are used most frequently in conversation.
Using My user vocabulary notebook, students can: add their own words, expressions, and example sentences to the database print out the new touchstone word lists they have created Workbook The Workbook is a natural extension ofthe Student's Book, with two pages of follow-up activities for each two-page.
It encourages students to be independent learners.My circle of friends My best friend from christian high school Ronaldo is a friend I met on my first day of high school We sat next to each other in an class.Touchstone was written with the help of the corpus of North font user American English in the Cambridge International Corpus (Corpus) -a database that currently holds more than 900 million words.Match each person with a parental demand; then listen and check your answers Family activities Listen to three people describe their memories, and number the pictures in order; then listen again for more information That sounds good.So we spend a lot oftimeal the movtes what you ha'C in common.Key Features: - Corpus-informed language Extensive Corpus research ensures that the language taught is the language people really use.You need to be able to laugh sometimes.CAI, ibridge ;l'l Ss4t1PlF.I read something or make a few phone calls.

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