June 26, 2018 The Iridient Developer.2.3 update has been released!
The monochrome channel mixer conversion controls now have a "preserve luminosity" option to make interactive editing of channel mixer blends easier.
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Newly designed image thumbnail browser with support for live updates.This update features improved default RAW camera profiles for many recent Canon, Nikon and Fujifilm models.Now using the latest tiff (v4.0.3) and PNG (v1.6.10) libraries for image export which eliminates a number of Mac specific dependencies and moves Iridient another step closer to running on other platforms.New RAW camera support includes: Fujifilm: X-T1 Olympus: E-M10 Panasonic DMC-TZ60 (ZS40) Canon: EOS M2 Phase One: IQ250 November 13, 2013 Iridient Developer.3.2 has been released with support for another set of 10 new RAW cameras, plus a few bug fixes and further improvements!This release also includes a bug fix for some NEF formats (12 bit/ch uncompressed) from older Nikon models and properly embeds the ICC output profile in exported jpeg images.This update also includes performance enhancements, bug fixes and a new "preview" checkbox for easily toggling between current adjustments and the original camera defaults.On Mac OS.4 or later image export options have been expanded to include LZW tiff compression and both 16bits/channel and exif metadata support for Photoshop file format.A new default camera profile is included for the Leica M8 and color rendering improvements have also been made for the Phase One P30.November 26, 2011 RAW Developer.9.3 is now available!Download Free S-Transformer Trial March 16, 2018 Iridient Developer.2.2 and Iridient X-Transformer.0.2 updates are now available!Sony: RX100 V (DSC-RX100M5).May 28, 2010 RAW Developer.8.10 update released!The Vivid style in particular should show much better results in dark shadows and very bright colors in many cases should show more gradual transition to clipping and better saturation.Battery door changing instructions for the Sony DSC-S45, San Diego Camera Solution - en Battery holder changing instructions for the Sony DSC-W1, San Diego Camera Solution - en Pablo Martinez Diaz:FBlockes framex timer repair - en Pablo Martinez Diaz: Coronet de Luxe - en Pablo.Mitchel: Synchro 300 servicing and parts catalog - en Bessa R2 rangefinder, Huw Finney - en Bessa R: Rangefinder adjustment, t - en How to unjam an Hasselblad, Dominique Césari - en How to unjam a Hasselblad - Dominique.
Rodenstock Rodagon 150mm.6 lens separartion repair, Benoît Suaudeau -.
This new program is a Sony ARW/ARQ to DNG converter utility and the second in a series of new cross platform Iridient DNG conversion products.

In some cases file export may be up to 4-6x faster than previous versions!Several new camera models have been added including the Ricoh GR Digital II, the Panasonic DMC-L10 and all recent Hasselblad backs and cameras.This release now supports the Samsung NX500 "normal" lossy mode RAW RAW compression in addition to previous support for lossless compressed RAW images from this camera.Some of the camera default ICC profiles, though valid and conforming to the ICC specification, included in the.5.2 release were incompatible with Mac OS.4.0-10.4.2 and could cause RAW Developer instability on some later Mac OS.4.x systems as well.The list of supported Canon camera models can be viewed here.Chieh Cheng - en Installing a Canon EF-M split-circle viewfinder screen into an EOS camera, NK Guy - en Dealing with oily shutters on EOS cameras.This release resolves an issue where the image preview cache could become invalidated on image file export which could result in the image preview being displayed as a black frame.Apple: iPhone XR, XS and XS Max.

We promised you it was a very high priority, support for the Canon Digital Rebel XT (350D/Kiss N) has now been added!