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Play the open games as black pdf

play the open games as black pdf

Bxh3 )Black could generate counterplay with.Qh4.
Amongst the open less direct options Romanishin's.Rb8 led to complex play games after 2 Nc6.d5 Na7.a4 (one of black the points behind Black's 12th move is that.c4?
Finding the weak spot in Black's whole plan.4.h3 White has a play couple of alternatives here:.a4 b4!White should play the cold-blooded 4!, when gxh3.Nxf4 Qxg2.Nxg2 Rxg2.Qxg2 games Nxg2.a5 produces a favourable endgame.Black seems to be doing quite well here, and black the fact that this line black is quite unusual should mean that many exponents of White's side will be caught unawares.Summary 12 dxc5 has had its terrors shorn by Graf's 7 and is no longer open a problem.This train of thought led me to test the move.Nd7.Bf8 5 Bc5.Nxe6 Rd2 (.Qxa2.Rxa2 Rd1 2 Bg1 produces a spectacular draw, but no more than that ).Nxc5 Qxc5 is good for Black.The text improves but does nothing to alter the assessment of the position: Black stands well here. 3 Nf8 I didn't like.Nxe4 in view.Nh4, with dangerous attacking chances on the kingside.
H6 3.Qe2 (after 5 Qd4!
Just about stays on the board (.gxh3 Qa3.Qf2 is refuted by Qxa2!
3.Rxf4 Rxe5 1.Qf3 Ng4.Rxg4 Rxe1 etc.
5 is still correct, although by now the position is just a mess.
2 Nf3 2 chicco seat Nxd2.Kxd2 Rd3!
Throwing away a wellcontested game.Objectively speaking best might.Qxe3.Rxe3 Bf6, when Black may have enough counterplay to offset the ragged nature of his pawns.Were this not Karpov playing Black here I'd say beach the text was a sign of panic.13.exd4 The start of an active plan from Short which produces yamaha a double-edged and interesting perfect manual game.Not the best, as White now gets some serious counterplay.The next move perfect secures adequate counterplay.The ever-ambitious Romanishin wants to move his f-pawn and get his queen into play on the kingside, but this does leave the cramping pawn on e5 intact.4 After 5 White can play simply.

Black is certainly no worse here but my opponent refuses to give up on his pursuit of the initiative.
3 g6 6 Re8.a4 Nxa4.Bxa4 Rxa4?
32.Qd4 looks better, when the issue is still in play the open games as black pdf doubt.