repair manual schematic engineering

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Caution: A wrong part substitution or incorrect polarity installation of electrolytic capacitors may result in an explosion hazard.
Disconnecting or reconnecting any receiver electrical the girlfriend abigail barnette, jenny trout.pdf plug or other electrical connection.
Use with this receiver only the test fixtures specified in this service manual.Do not apply AC power to this instrument and/or any of its electrical assemblies unless all solid-state device heat sinks are correctly installed.Unless specified otherwise in this service manual, clean electrical contacts only by applying the following mixture to the contacts with a pipe cleaner, cotton-tipped stick or comparable non-abrasive applicator; 10 (by volume) Acetone and 90 (by volume) isopropyl alcohol (90-99 strength caution: This.Use a transformer of adequate power rating as this protects the technician from chicago style manual citations accidents resulting in personal injury from electrical shocks.Caution: Before servicing receivers covered by this service manual and its supplements and addenda, read and follow the safety precautions of this publication.Unless specified otherwise in this service manual, lubrication of contacts in not required.Do not defeat any plug/socket B voltage interlocks with which receivers covered by this service manual might be equipped.

Connecting a test substitute in parallel with an electrolytic capacitor in the receiver.Keep wires away from high voltage or high temperature parts.It will also protect the receiver and it's components from being damaged by accidental shorts of the circuitry that may be inadvertently introduced during the service operation.Removing or reinstalling any component, circuit board module or any other receiver assembly.By closing this banner, you agree to the use of cookies.If any fuse (or Fusible Resistor) in this TV receiver is blown, replace it with the specified.

Do not spray chemicals on or near this receiver or any of its assemblies.
Always remove the test receiver ground lead last.
General Guidance An isolation Transformer should always be used during the servicing of a receiver whose chassis is not isolated from the AC power line.