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Resident evil 3 keys

Don't be afraid to keys run away very fast, especially when you're low on ammo or when you're facing Nemesis in the earlier parts of the game.
It only stores 6 shots of 12 gauge, but is still a very good gun.
The Magnum almost always unleashes an instant-death keys head shot on zombies, but the ammo for it is scarce most of the way, so it pays to save it for later.
A 83; Game Inst.Key 77; Chronos Key 79; Park Key 1 7B; Park Key 2 7C; Park Key 3 7D; Facility Key 1 7E; evil Facility Key 2 7F; Boutique Key 80; Ink Ribbon 81; Reloading Tool 82; Game Inst.Most of the time, the outcomes are predictable, and usually your choice doesn't particularly matter to the rest of the game.It fires 9mm bullets resident and has a chance of causing a "critical" hit.Bullets 6E; Water Sample 6F; System Disk 70; Dummy Key 71; Lockpick 72; Backdoor Key 73; Sickroom keys Key 74; Emblem Key 75; Keys 76; Clock.The Unlimited Ammo Kit can be combined with any weapon in your arsenal to give it unlimited ammo (duh).99; Incinerator Manual 9A; Photo A 9B; Photo B 9C; Photo C 9D; Photo E 9E; Photo D 9F; Clock Tower Postcard A0; Game Instructions B A1; Classified Photo File A2; Jills Diary A3; Uptown Map evil A4; Downtown Map A5; Clock Tower Map A6; Park.First Aid Box.This "critical" hit will kill any non-boss opponent with one shot, but it happens randomly.B 84; Game Instructions A 85; Darios Memo 86; Mercs Diary 87; Business Fax 88; Marvins Report 89; Davids Memo 8A; City Guide 8B; Reporters Memo 8C; Operation Instruction 8D; Mercs Pocketbook 8E; Art Picture Postcard 8F; Supervisors Report 90; Written Order 91; Directors Diary.66 Handgun bullets * - evil Gun Powder BBA 55 Handgun bullets * - Gun Powder AAA 40 Shotgun shells - Gun Powder AAB 35 Handgun bullets - Gun Powder AA 30 Shotgun shells - Gun Powder BBB 24 Magnum rounds - Gun Powder CCC.Because you get branching choices for certain events, always pay attention to your environment for clues to how the choices might lead; they inevitably trigger an FMV sequence that shows Jill escaping in the fashion you selected.1 - Dario Russo - He's in the gas station.3 - Brad - In the basement of the restaurant.The M37 parts combine to form the M37 Western Custom Shotgun. Hand-to-hand combat with the user knife against the user undead is never a good idea.
6 - Umbrella team manual manual member - in the bar.
This is a shotgun a little bigger digital than a pistol and has a very good rate of fire.
4 - Officer Branaugh - He's in the area where user you find the fuse.Eagle Parts.Manual 98; Fax from the.5 - Umbrella team member - in the area where you find the oil additive.1st time : Eagle part A 2nd time : Eagle part B 3rd user time : 1st Aid Kit 4th time : M37 part A 5th time : M37 part B 6th time : 1st Aid Kit 7th time : Unlimited Ammo Kit The Eagle parts.I suggest combining user it with the Magnum.2 - Woman - She is in the upstairs room of the press office.M37 Parts.Key items found in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.Cheats for Resident Evil.