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Serial null modem cable pinout

Pin Signal Description 1 NC Not connected 2 null SER_TDX_A_conn Transmit data 3 SER_RXD_A_conn Receive data 4 SER_RTS_A_L_conn Ready to cable send 5 SER_CTS_A_L_conn Clear to send 6 SER_DSR_A_L_conn Data set ready 7 GND Signal ground 8 SER_DCD_A_L-conn Data carrier detect 9 button_POR Power-on reset 10 button_XIR_L.
Some cable folks say that it's serial the cable that's shipped with LapLink 4 Pro.The most common null modem cable types are shown here.The serial port connector provides synchronous and asynchronous null serial communications.Modem port (DB25) Pin Signal 1 Ground 2 TxD 3 RxD 4 RTS 5 CTS 7 sref (Signal Reference) 8 DCD 20 DTR Shield Ground Console port (DB25) Pin Signal Description 1 GND Chassis Ground 2 TxD Output Data 3 RxD Input Data 7 sref.Such connectors have been noted to have problems on scsi busses using faster devices such as Ultrascsi (Iomega itself doesn't recommend using more than one pinout DB25 device, but still uses it for Zip drives).Download and Try It For null Free! RS-232 devices to communicate with each other without modems or other communication devices between them.
Pin Signal Pin pinout Signal 1 No Connection 14 Transmit Data B 2 modem Transmit Data A 15 Transmit Clock A 3 Receive Data A (External) 4 Ready To Send A 16 Receive Data B 5 cable Clear To Send A 17 Receive Clock A 6 Synchronous.
Its not just for the V100.) Check the signal names and pin numbers for the port on your Annex model, because the pinouts vary.
This is usually the pinout found in null modem cables for DB9 to DB9.
The DB9 serial (10101) port is for general purpose serial data transfers.
A standard serial cable is used to connect the controller service interface to a dumb terminal or computer serial port with terminal emulation.The PC controls its cable own handshaking.Data Terminal Ready (DTR) 4 orange 61, data Set Ready Carrier Detect, system Ground (Ground) 5 yellow.Sun Sparcstation 4, 5, 10, 20, LX, Classic, Classic X Ultra Enterprise 450: Pin ID System Unit Back Panel Serial Connector Pinout x x x o o x x x x x x x o / x x o o o x x.RS232 null modem cables The easiest way to connect two PC's is using an RS232 null modem cable.CPS SUN Pin Signal Pin Signal 1 RTS 8 CTS 2 DSR 2 DTR 3 CD Not Used 4 grnd 4 RD serial 3 TD 5 TD 6 RD 6 grnd 5 grnd 7 DTR 7 DSR 8 CTS 1 RTS Sun StorEdge T3 Disk Tray.However, some packages that rely on the proper assertion of the CD signal will modem not work with this cable.On personal computers, the smaller DB9 version is more commonly used today.It enables Parliament to do things at eleven at night that no sane person would do at eleven in the morning.This is seldom necessary with modern serial serial devices, because most devices can use either voltage set.The left pinout below is taken from the sparcstation IPC Installation Guide.DB9 DB9 3 TD - 2 RD 2 RD - 3 TD 7 RTS - 8 CTS 8 CTS - 7 RTS 5 GND - 5 GND 6 DSR 4 DTR 1 DCD 6 DSR 4 DTR 1 DCD Null modem pinout DB25 to DB9.Use a splitter cable (Sun part # X985A) to access port.

It probably works well with the other systems listed in this section, too.
But, there are those rare times when some strange device cares about the serial port voltage.
RJ45 - serial null modem cable pinout DB25 RS232 serial converter cable, RJ45 - DB9 serial cable: Below are pinouts for an RJ45 - DB25 RS232 serial converter cable, part number and a RJ45 - DB9 serial cable, part number.