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Spider web crack plasma tv

Susan: crack I am sorry to hear that and plasma I apologize for the inconvenience.
The e-mail needs to contain all pertinent information including as first and last name, phone number, e-mail address and transaction number.
There will be a plasma brief survey at the end of our chat to share feedback on my performance today.
Sinclair: Have you registered your product?Gilbert: very upset cx lol plasma gilbert: i mean very upset gilbert: here is the issue and its known issue all over the net with thousand of your cxs lol gilbert: ill let u time to read.New screen solved the problem.Welcome to the Digital Spy forums.Susan: Please go ahead with your inquiry and I will try spider my best to help you with the issue.Gilbert: well im sure u have gotten alot of complaints cause im reading them and seeing online news reports on it now plasma spider gilbert: pn50c7000yf gilbert: i believe that is the model spider Sinclair: Give me a moment, while I check this information.Susan: Would you mind giving me two minutes so that I can file a service ticket and provide you the ticket number? Acceptable formats are PDF, tiff, JPG/jpeg or BMP.
Gilbert: hello i was dropped by last agent lol Sinclair: I am sorry to crack know that.
Gilbert: i just bought it last yr Sinclair: Thank you crack gamefront for the parkhurstpdf information.
Susan: Does this internet look like a spider web?
If youd like to join in, please sign in or register.
It had sound and would work normally but no picture.If you have any information about this case i would like to hear from you.Gilbert: thats when the tv just pop loud went bkank i can see multiplayer the red light on and off and switch with remote sources and hear the sources but no picture Sinclair: Does the issue caused any injury or property damage?Gilbert: i had the techican send the pictures already gilbert: had one here, susan: If this is diagnosed as not a physical damage, then the issue would be covered under warranty.Sinclair: May I know the model number of the unit?So far i have not heard of any user of LCD TV screen complaint that the screen crack by itself while watching the.Sinclair: What was the situation when you first noticed this issue?Gilbert: hello and not so good news gilbert: my tv not working less than a yr old Sinclair: Could you be more specific with the issue?You can find the information on rear of the unit.How can I help you today?Service ticket number.Gilbert: but before i tell you Sinclair: Okay.Susan: May I know how the crack appears?New screen I'm afraid.