Of course if you are planning on reversing lots of hasp's you'll want to convert this code into ASM, perhaps emulating other services whilst your there, this should be achievable in under 120 bytes if using a static table or a little longer for the.
A small correction also from a good friend of mine ;- many thanks!
If you hear somebody has problems with hasp 4 - you can pass them my mail.Remover.00B Previously known as killdk3 (150k).Aladdin's hasp Envelope (a full blown PE encryptor) depends upon the bb5 cracked unlock codes return codes from the HaspCode service for its decryption, without knowing the correct responses to a given seed the protected program cannot be run.Also try this replacement SmartKey dump and emulation dll (103k).A solver for the Luna asic by oberheim mini grand manual an unknown author has been recently posted (a modified demo version of a private tool) and can be downloaded here (1.17Mb users should create a directory named and place the.dat file created by HL-Dump into the directory, solving.Sign up for our free service and get great jobs emailed to you.Assume therefore that a cracker isn't going to have much difficulty identifying each of the dongle API's, this reduces his task simply to working out what the dongle should return/contain.FrogsICE, SoftICE, only a cracker is going to be running the former and the latter is unlikely on any of your customers machines, use at least 2 routines for your detection and DON'T tell the cracker you've found it, if you do alter the program.HaspCode - hasp 3 generation dongles only The hasp 3 range of dongles depend upon a single API (HaspCode or service 2) for their security, analysis of this is provided by exefoliator here, he has graciously provided the following code samples included here (8k).Initial asic development costs are high so the dongle sellers compromise quite considerably on parts to drive down unit costs, most of the other components are readily available off-the-shelf.Sentinel SuperPro (vxd) (v0.08.24) A vxd for Sentinel dongles (this looks like a method to support only specific applications, hiho's Yonkie btw :-) ) (32k).Sentinel Shell p-code Format Sentinel has remained one of the most resistant keys to hardware analysis and attack largely due to Rainbows use of their own custom hardware rather than cheaper components, its API and automatic shelling tools however leave much to be desired giving.The rest of the hasp API functions can be emulated or have returns patched for.Dll does much the same as HL-dump except considerably slower (28k).

FST Builder.1 - Simple utility by Larry to generate SafeKey Hardlock.FST files (13k).Quine's "Pushing the Envelope with hasp" essay gary null's healthy cook book - A simply superb essay which disappeared from the web a while back (I have some idea as to the reason why).P?cftl - hasp by Aladdin Knowledge Systems (AKS also.Seed3 12EFh represented as 01 02 0E 0F During the Hardlock product cycle Aladdin provided developers with the ability to program their own 16-bit Subcodes into their Hardlocks via the crypto programming card, this has the effect of altering the cryptographic behaviour of the Hardlock.; element id val3 dd?Cimatron Series (v10 beta, v10.6, v11.0, v11.1, v12.0) - hasp emulation, adding code to a dll, hasp's new encrypted object, redirecting hasp routines, hasp driver attacking, Cimatron's KeyCode algorithm (17/08/01).Sentinel Dongle Spy.0 A monitoring program for Super SentinelPro dongles, pretty much obsolete (25k).Small bug : sscanf(mystring 08x ValidateCode1 sscanf(mystring2 08x ValidateCode2 Edit klcalc in hex-editor: sscanf(mystring 04x ValidateCode1 sscanf(mystring2 04x ValidateCode2 and klcalc works.Wibu-KEY - Full API Guide available here (158k v2 v4 dongles based around feal.
Plastic Animation Paper - Hewlett Packard's ppppapi.

I have only tested about 1/2 of them with very mixed results, so do not send me e-mails asking why they don't work with your target.