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Xp goldmaxx power instruction manual

xp goldmaxx power instruction manual

The Gold Maxx Power is streets ahead of instruction its competitors with manual a similar search coil diameter in terms of speed of analysis.
Its search frequency (18 kHz makes manual it a very sensitive to manual targets that manual are usually very difficult to detect, like thin coins, gold nuggets, jewels and all other small objects.
Im not knocking the hawkeye because its a great meter id machine the best in my opinion, and im keeping it,but this instruction is the kind of situation i brought the GoldMaxx instruction for ie target separation in iron infested areas.This potentiometer can be viewed as a detection setting with a range only covering iron.I buried a 1922 sixpence at 8 inches until the Gold Maxx just lost the signal, the G Maxx picked this target up with a clean tone, raising the coil 1 inch the target was lost.He called me over to listen to a signal, I tried it but only heard a one way bleep and a poor power signal in the other direction, "Iron" I said, No he replied not with my machine it can be a target next to Iron.LCD displays cannot respond in real time and do not capture weak signals that are too brief or too close to other signals. Targets of sound interest in iron infested areas can therefore be detected more easily, thus enabling sweeping operations to be carried out more quickly.
I could see him digging out of the corner of my eye, then he desktop walked across" I have just found a Sestersis are you sure you have been over this area" he said, "Lucky find" I replied, then 2 minutes later "button" he shouted,.
Please ask version if you wish to copy any information).
The coils are very well made and unbelievably light making this a very well balanced metal detector.
2 tone Still operates in all metal but will give a low tone for Iron and a high tone for any other non ferrous target you will encounter, now for the clever ere is an Iron volume control which can be adjusted by the operator.On some fields I have encountered problems with large square iron, this concerned me a little because it broke through as a non ferrous tone, this is where beginners version may have a problem in the early manual days of learning this machine.XP Gold Maxx Field test by Garys detecting.Was book I impressed with the Gold Maxx.It can also edit be fixed under the armrest.Faster recovery than previous models enabling you to find deeper targets near iron.Don't tighten things up until you are 100 everything is located back guide into it's original position.Battery low alert, coil cover, backphone FX-01 and Hipmount bag provided.

There is always a trade off when finding goodies close to iron, in this case you may dig a little more unwanted targets.
The G Maxx will be better for bigger xp goldmaxx power instruction manual targets buried deep.
Changing frequency : a new switch (freq shift) enables the detection frequency (Freq.