Preparations General setup procedure Select the speaker layout for the number of speakers that game of thrones xbox 360able content you are using and place them in your room.
74 Video signal flow.
After connecting external devices (such as a TV and pla.AV 1 AV 2 AV 3 AV 1 2 3 TV connection Connecting a TV Connect a TV to the unit so that video input to the unit can be output to the.A number of hdmi jacks and various input/output jacks cinema DSP allows you to create a natural and realistic Use Audio In in the Option menu to change the on the unit allow you to connect video devices (such as sound field in your own.This section describes the representative speaker layout examples.Stereo pin cable hdmi cable Audio jacks optical jacks Use a 19-pin hdmi cable with the hdmi logo.Use a stereo pin Transmit digital video and digital sound through a single Video pin cable cable.P.48 devices Automatically optimizing the.Stereo tuned mute OUT SR SL SR SBL SBR : A B 1 hdmi 6 iPod chargpeaker indicators Lights up when hdmi signals are being input or output.Aa d b (red) c - (black) Connecting the subwoofer Use an audio pin cable to connect the subwoofer.Remote control 1 Remote control signal transmitter B External device operation keys 1 Transmits infrared signals.Remote control Batteries hcl me tablet x1 games (AAA, R03, UM-4) (x2) Within 6 m (20 ft) 30 30 Insert the batteries the right way round.2 z (power) straight Check that SP IMP.A Enable hdmi Control on the TV and playback devices (such as hdmi Control- For details on settings and operating your TV, refer to the instruction manual for the.Playback of music stored on USB.If you connect a TV The connection method varies depending on the functions and video input jacks that supports hdmi Control to the unit with an hdmi cable, you can control the units available on your.
13 1 Speaker placement.1-channel system.1-channel system to 30 10 to.1-channel system.1-channel system to 30 10 to 30 preparations Placing speakers.
For details on settings and operating your TV, refer to the instruction manual for the.

In this case, you can also use 4-ohm speakers as the front speakers.We recommend using (Stereo mini jack) a cable less than.0 m (16.4.1 Placing speakers (p.12) Connect the speakers to the unit.P.44 digital connection Allows you to enjoy your favorite acoustic spaces in various styles.TV connection Necessary settings Configure the settings for hdmi Control.And Canada models only) Under its default settings, the unit is configured for 8-ohm speakers.Connecting speaker cables.1-channel system The following diagrams provide connections for a Speaker cables have two wires.English, summary of the content on the page.When connecting 6-ohm speakers, set the speaker impedance to 6 MIN.Features What you can do with the unit High-quality sound from iPod via Supports 2-.1-channel speaker system.When connecting 6-ohm speakers, set the units speaker impedance to 6 MIN.Lights up when the iPod is being charged while the unit is in Indicate speaker terminals from which signals are output.Ypao microphone CD-ROM (Owners Manual).Combination of video/audio input jacks so that.Before connecting speakers, connect the power cable to an AC wall 1 outlet.