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Yamaha soundbar ysp-900 manual

In early 2005, Yamaha's first Digital Sound Projector, the.
Solder the new capacitor into place Trim the extra wire you added and bend it in to make it fit the holes on the board where C515 used to sit.
This was apparently down to capacitor plague -(tldr; mass-use by electronics giants of sub-standard capacitors).
Normal screwdrivers, sharpie markers (for marking components/connectors warning!You yamaha have to be aware of the problem as it is yamaha well documented around the net and you must have received a large ysp- number of soundbars back for repair.Tools : Soldering iron solder, de-soldering pump.Note that although the AVForums thread is about the YSP-1000, the symptoms are the same and the YSP-900 (and ysp- other models) are all mentioned in the thread.Turning to the internet, there was absolutely no support or information on this problem for this Yamaha HTY-750 soundbar model.The YSP-800) to 42 and has slightly larger woofers, as well as an RS-232 port for use with computer-controlled home-automation systems.Unplug wires from board and remove metal plate Unplug all the wires from the circuit board that is revealed when the bottom is removed.There is clearly no acceptance of blame here by Yamaha and unlike Samsung who, no more than a couple of years soundbar ago, replaced blown power supply capacitors in out-of-warranty TVs free of charge (see story soundbar here Yamaha are not manual doing the same.What youve done is replace this little failed capacitor: The offending capacitor With a new replacement you paid 99p for!I was and am pleased with the performance of the Yamaha soundbars I have purchased, but definitely not happy with the way Yamaha have handled this issue.There are a couple of very stubborn connectors that I literally could not get to come undone, both are beige-coloured and are pushed firmly down onto the board.Start with the unit upside downyoure faced with a LOT of screws here!It cost 189, which was a lot of money, but a lot less than youd pay for a new one, especially as it came with the seperate sub.The capacitor is in position C515" on the power board and is actually labelled pretty clearly, so if you can get to the board in the first place, youre not going to find it hard to spot the offending component. Even the ones on the silver surround at the front of the unit.
We had to rearrange our room to accommodate the Yamaha YSP-800's demanding placement requirements and city fell far short of the ideal acoustic setting for the unit.
The noise wasn't noticeable when playing game DVDs or CDs.
Unless you're an astute technopuzzle solver, stick with the autosetup.
Any good subwoofer will supply the missing bass, but for this review, we paired the YSP-800 with Yamaha's matching.
While the Yamaha YSP-800 Digital Sound Projector can be used on its own, it won't develop soul-satisfying bass.
Polk Audio SurroundBar and even Denon's excellent, s-301.1-channel htib (1,599) by creating a more immersive sound experience.
Dolby Pro Logic II rather than stereo, which added a spatial depth that complemented all sorts of music.The sounds of panic in the streets and massive alien destruction were scary, and when cars found are thrown up into the air only to come crashing down seconds later, we weren't thinking about the YSP-800, we were caught up in the film.I forget now, if I actually managed to get to the power board to see the fuse, I suspect I got frustrated by the solid construction and dozens of screws.Yamaha's Digital Sound Projector doesn't just eliminate the clutter associated with five speakers server and their wires, it also eliminates the need for an A/V receiver, microbiologia though it will work fine with one, if you game prefer.I detail below the steps I took to repair the HTY-750 and hopefully this might help you resurrect a broken unit too.Remember to attach that bridge connector that joined from the power board to the board to the left.In fact the Yamaha soundbar line had changed dramatically and there was tutorial a whole new selection available.Electric screwdriver and Philips cross-head bit (for the 40 screws youll need to remove).The Yamaha YSP-800 Digital Sound Projector was designed to visually complement flat-screen or rear-projection TVs and is available in black or silver finishes.